Thursday, 26 April 2012

Virtual coffee dates? Why not! :o)

Why must it be so that all my lovely blogging buddies be so far away from me! I would love nothing more than to meet up with you all for a good long chit chat! Well...while I am not the manic genius I sometimes like to think I am I haven't been able to create a teleportation machine (give me time! :p ) BUT I think I have come up with a way to at least share a cup of coffee! That's where Pinterest comes in! Now, whenever I have a nice hot cup of joe I can take a photo, add a bit of text and upload it here to my blog then pin it and tag you! And voila!! Instant virtual overseas coffee date! :o) Have a coffee with anyone in the world whenever you like! SO, to kick things off thismorning I want to share a coffee date with none other than the caffien-loving woman herself, Jessi of Ramblings of a Caffienated Army Wife! Jessi also happens to have a nifty thing going on over on her blog where she features someone new everytime and they talk about their perfect cup of coffee!  I've been enjoying reading about different people and how they make their coffee, or where they had the best coffee ever! I'm having to add so many new places to my 'Where in the world to have coffee' bucket list I'm going to need another lifetime to test everywhere!

So what that we're in different time zones! Doesn't matter to me! :o) We can have a coffee, tea, a hot chocolate (or even the occasional cocktail) together anytime, anywhere!

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