Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Grinchy Shmoogle Bean who can't be bothered with Christmas...

Well it still doesn't feel like home here but at least the tree is up. Both hubby and I are just feeling so crummy about Christmas this year we contemplated giving it a miss entirely, but we'll try and make the best of it; it is Baby Bean's first Christmas afterall! I thought putting the tree up might help a bit and it has... kind of. I'm just used to sharing at Christmas time and we have no one to share with here. No one to make my annual little gingerbread houses for :( It's that time of year that I most enjoy sharing with others and the feeling just isn't the same without friends. Everything in my life seems so scrambled at the moment, I feel like such a Grinch. What kind of person wants to cancel Christmas on their first child?! Regardless of how old he is? You know how lame I am? I went to all the trouble of handmaking my Christmas cards this year and guess what? I haven't finished making them for everybody, I'm missing over half of my lists' addresses and I've put stamps on the ones I HAVE done but still haven't posted them. Can I just hibernate until the New Year?
Bah humbug!