Sunday, 1 April 2012

Shabby Rose Headband Tutorial

This is a really sweet and easy headband to make and will cost you less than $3 to make!! They are super comfy and are great for the coming winter months to add a bit of colour to your outfit and your day! The best part is you can make these in so many colours and fabrics, the possibilities are endless!

What you will need:
The Headband
1 x strip of outer fabric 8cm by 43cm
1 x inner of inner fabric 8cm by 43cm
1 x piece 1/4 inch elastic 17cm long

For the Roses:
2 x strips of fabric 52cm by 7cm
1 x strip of fabric 52cm b 5cm

Glue gun
Sewing machine (or you can do it by hand if you like)
Matching thread

1. Iron all your fabric pieces. Place two headband pieces right sides together and fold in half.

2. Cut a slight taper from the folded edge down so that the end measured about 4cm wide.

3. Place wrong sides together and sew along two edges leaving the ends open for inserting elastic.

4. Turn right side out using a safety pin. Top stitch close to the edge leaving the ends open.

 5. Iron. Fold in the raw edge of one opening about 1cm and insert one end of elastic 1/2 an inch. Sew over the end 4 to 6 times for security. Repeat on other end. (Be careful not to twist the elastic)

You've finished the headband! If you would prefer at this stage you can leave it as it is without the roses and you have a lovely reversible headband. If you'd like roses like mine however, simple follow these easy instructions!

1. Take the end of one of your rose strips and fold it in half between your fingers.

2. Fold the end in half again.

3. Wrap the strip once around your finger and add a dab of hot glue to hold the centre in place. Then roughly twist the fabric strip and continue to wrap loosely round your finger and the centre of the rose.

4. Add a dab of glue to the loose end and secure it to the rose. You've completed one rose! Repeat with the remaining two strips of fabric.
Your rose should look like this. If the hole in the middle is visible, gently push down on the top of the rose and it will flatten a little and the hole will not be as obvious.

5. Once you have your three rose, hot glue them to one another so you have something that looks like this

6. Position your rose cluster where you'd like them on your headband. I like to place mine about an inch from the elastic on one side so it sits nice and low on the side of my head. Hot glue securely in place.

And there you have a beautiful Shabby Rose Headband!! I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial! :)

NOTE: For personal/gift use only! You may not copy/sell/reproduce any part of this tutorial. You may not use photos from this tutorial for any purpose; you may not sell any items made from this tutorial. Please respect the time and effort that goes into the production of free craft tutorials, it's just general courtesy :)


  1. Very cute!! Now - how do women keep these bands on their heads?!! When I put one on it slides back and goes flying across the room. :/

    1. Oh my!! That's not good... Sometimes it just depends on what type of headband it is, thinner ones usually stay on my head better than thicker ones like this but I wear them fairly forward on my head almost like a bandana. I make mine a fairly loose fit too though otherwise they do the same thing lol

  2. Awesome! I will have to try this when I get the chance!

    1. Let me know how you go with it! I'd love to hear that someone has tried it out :)

  3. very pretty thank you for sharing!

  4. This headband is super cute. Thanks so much for sharing on Marvelous Mondays!

  5. Hello! Just stopping by to let you know that this project has been featured for last week's Marvelous Mondays party. The post will be up later so be sure to stop by and check it out!

    1. Hi Julie!!
      Really? Oh wow! That made my day :o) I'll definately be checking that out! Thankyou!

  6. This is gorgeous! It has been featured over at And Sew We Craft this morning :)

    Amy x


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