Thursday, 12 April 2012

Crafty stuff hunting for new up and coming tutorials!

Ohhh I just love crafty stuff supply hunting!!! I had a bit of a shop at Lincraft just this afternoon for some bits and pieces for DIY and tutorials I'm putting together over the next few days! The best part is that all of this:

Only cost me $20!! There are 6 craft tutorials to be in the making with the stuff you see there (along with some other bits and bobs in my posession :p) Nothing like a good bargain hunt :o) Craft shopping is the Shmoogle Bean's reason for existance! (among being a wonderful wife, fabulous friend and family member of course!)

Cosy wool: $3.99 (for our earwarmer/headband and crochet flower tutorial)
Fabric remnant in 'Champagne': $2.09 (for our satin flowers tutorial)
Spotty Purple tulle remnant: $3.98 (for the DIY kids tutu we'll be making with you)
5m of 'Champagne' ribbon: $1.65 (for our how-to on ribbon flowers)
2 Piece white glitter dragonflies: $3.50 (not for a tutorial, just because I'm addicted to dragonflies!)
Antique white felt piece: $1.19 (for felt flowers tutorials)
Off white felt piece: $1.19 (for more felt flowers coz they're neat)
1/2 metre of frilly lace: $1.49 (for vintage lace flower tutorial)
1/2 metre white frilly lace: .30 cents
1/2 metre of frilly apricot lace: .39 cents

I picked up the felt, lace and ribbon in lovely antique vintage colours, you'll see why when I post the how-to's :p Trust me, it'll be gorgeous! Ohhh I simply can't wait to get started! There'll also be some other tutorials in the making...check the new DIY Stuff on the way! tab to find out what! After all...I am the crafting shmoogle bean, crafting is my passion, craft is what I do and craft tutorials is what I live for! Viva la crafty stuff!!! oh my got a bit carried away there :o)

Stay tuned crafty lovers! There's a lot on the way!


  1. Can't wait to see what you're going to do with all your crafty finds ;).

  2. I am excited to see what you will come up with!


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