Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Cute Crochet Hook Case Tutorial

I got tired of storing my crochet hooks back in the soft plastic case they came in and decided I want a funky compact crochet hook roll to store them instead! A whole morning of measuring, sewing and scribbling down my draft tutorial and I've finally finished it! I made mine to fit 15 hooks but you can change your case to suit how many you'd like yours to hold in Step 3. This was really a matter of trial and error, but it all worked out perfectly in the end, I've done my best to make the instructions as simple as possible but if you get stuck or have any questions, dont hesitate to ask! enjoy!! Xx

NOTE: For personal/gift use only! You may not copy/sell/reproduce any part of this tutorial. You may not use photos from this tutorial for any purpose; you may not sell any items made from this tutorial. Please respect the time and effort that goes into the production of free craft tutorials :o)

The finished crochet hook case rolls up 15cm x 4cm, nice and neat!

What you will need:
  • 2 x fabric pieces, one outer, one inner and both 26cm x 26cm (pieces A & B)
  • 2 x fabric pieces, one outer, one inner and both 26cm x 14cm (pieces C & D)
  • 2 x fabric strips 18cm x 5cm for the strap
  • 2 x pieces of 3.5cm wide standard hook and loop tape (4 pieces in total) all 4cm long. If you have thicker hook and loop tape, you can use that instead of two smaller pieces, Im just using that size as that's what I have on hand at the moment :o)
  • Sewing machine
  • Matching thread (for tutorial purposes I have used blue thread so you can see my stitches)

1. Place pieces C and D right sides facing and sew around the outside using the side of the presser foot as the seam allowance leaving an inch gap for turning.

Turn right side out and press.
Be sure to press after turning right side out

2. Lay it right side up onto piece B about 1/2 inch in on each side to allow for the seam later. Pin into place.
pin in place
Sew around the two sides and the bottom leaving the top open. Sew as close to the edge as you can. NOTE: make sure the gap you left for turning in step 1 is at the bottom you sew over it closing the hole.
sew as close to the edge as you can

3. Next you're going to add the storage spaces for your hooks. As I mentioned, I made mine to fit 15 hooks but with this pattern you can add more spaces to fit more hooks or take some away to fit less. The best way to work out where you spaces need to go and how big they should be, lay all your hooks down and work out how many cm each storage space needs to be and sew one at a time. Place your hook inside to check it fits and continue for the others. I found I needed a 2cm wide space for my 10.00mm hook, 9.0mm and 8.0mm, then 1.5cm gap for 7.00mm, 6.00mm and 1cm for the others.

after sewing each space, put your hook in to make sure it fits
Once you have all your spaces done, and all your hooks fit, set it aside.

4. Take your two fabric pieces for the strap and place them right sides facing. Sew around edge using edge of presser foot as a guide leaving a space for turning. Turn right side out, topstitch around edge. (I actually forgot to topstitch around mine! Whoops!)

5. Take piece A, right side up and lay your strap onto one side 10.5cm down from the top and 7cm in as shown:

Pin in place then sew strap on. I sewed a 3cm x 3cm square to secure it. (Your loop tape will be sewn over the top)

6. Lay your two pieces of loop tap side by side over the square you just made. Pin and sew in place.

7. Take your hook tape pieces and sew them on the underside of the strap ( as I mentioned before, I've used blue thread so you can see my stitches, be sure to use a corresponding thread on your own project!)

8. The lucky last step! Place pieces A and B right sides facing and sew all around the outside edge leaving a 2 inch gap for turning. Note: Make sure you tuck the strap safely inside your work and pin it in place to make sure you dont sew over it! . Turn right side out, press, then top stitch close to the edge the whole way around and you're all done!! Pop your hooks in, roll up and enjoy!

I crocheted a quick little flower and glued it on the strap for that little something extra!


  1. super cute! i'll have to make one!

    1. Oh! Hi Teresa! I've just found your comment :o)

      Thanks! It's pretty easy, I'm not too good with complicated sewing patterns lol

  2. This is the best pattern I've seen for a crochet hook case. Thanks for taking the time to create it and post it.

    1. You're very welcome! Thankyou :o)


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