Monday, 25 March 2013

Destashing the stash.. card making with scrapbook paper

I have a few drawers full of scrapbooking paper and other bits and pieces in our spare room that I need to use up before bubba arrives (as well as a heap of yarn, sewing stuff, fabric and craft stuff!) so I spent Sunday doing some card making. They're pretty basic, my card making skills aren't very adventurous...I'm sure I'll find a use for them!
So far there are only 6 not REALLY that much of a dent into my stash...the loungeroom floor surrounding the lounge I've been living on is kinda buried at the moment. Whoops!
I am feeling so completely flat and sick today, I had really thought my morning sickness had taken a hike but man was I wrong!! These past two days have been worse than ever... so I am balled up on the lounge in my corner writing this little post, reading manga online and half arse-edly working on a berry stitch crochet baby blanket I started last week that is only 9 rows in so far. I will also admit that I am currently biting down on my lip holding in the ever increasing feeling of nausea that's just hit again and praying to Zeus this passes again soon. I'm nipping off home with the hubby for the Easter long weekend to spend some time with family and whilst I am so excited to see them, I am absolutely without a doubt DREADING the car trip! We are going the long way to avoid the 100km of winding mountain road but as I usually get motion sickness anyway...let's just say it's going to be one very very rough trip!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Pie in the sky!

Well it's Friday, another week bites the dust! If only I felt up to celebrating! Yep, you guessed it! The morning sickness is still hovering around making life miserable...I was given a few days grace and TA DA it has returned. 14 weeks and 1 was I thinking I'd be free and clear after 12 weeks...bummer right! Even though eating is the furthest thing from my mind today I'm *somehow* shuffling around the kitchen doing some baking. Hubby and I thought we'd have a little dinner party tonight, okay so there is only one person coming..and it isn't really a 'party' as such but SHHHHH I'll call it what I want! On the menu is my famous-ok-so-it's-from-a-recipe-but-I-totally-rock-it Chicken Cacciatore full of tomato-y goodness...very delicious! That of course goes with fresh crusty bread and steamed broccoli :o) I was going to cook my equally as loved homemade fettucine carbonara but my stomach and rich creamy things don't agree at the moment Grrrrrr
For dessert I thought I'd go for something classic that I've never tried before..I'm making a 'Pie in the Sky' high top apple pie made in a springform cake tin rather than a pie dish, and made with custard powder in the pastry. Sounded pretty tasty! It took me almost 2 hours pottering around our tiny kitchen preparing the pastry but I got there eventually...the pie is now in the oven and *fingers crossed* doesn't explode. I thought I'd give my ice cream maker another go and make up a vanilla bean egg-free ice cream to go with said pie had better be worth it! The darn single vanilla bean cost me $14! I have had to take alot of breaks mid-cooking and preparing to sit down and wait for the nausea to pass but I'm determined to get it all done! I am so tired of toast and lemonade! I am having something delicious for dinner tonight damnit! (stay tuned for later tonight when I eat my words and wish I'd had toast instead!)
Pie pre-oven... Ok FINE I used tinned apples too...VERY unlike me but the cost of the vanilla bean cut into my apple budget. Cooking on sweet f/a cash means sometimes you have to cut a corner. Nevermind, I'm sure everything will be delish anyway. Also I don't know why but as soon as I started working on the pie this song got stuck going round and round in my now I'm going to stick on yours haha! Happy Friday! I certainly have High Hopes of getting all this done.

Friday, 15 March 2013

A most un-glamorous morning

We're green!! I felt like a change... much nicer :o)

Soooo my scan went great yesterday; the feeling you get when you see your baby for the first time happy healthy and bouncing around is just indescribable! It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen and SUCH a relief! My husband and I are just so happy! He couldn't believe his must be one thing to know your wife is pregnant and another thing entirely to actually see the little life growing inside her!
 I know I was so stressed yesterday morning, there seems to be a million and one things to worry about but I guess you just have to take it as it comes and trust that your body knows what it's doing right? Believe me I tried to remember that when I got up thismorning to make toast and ended up throwing up all over myself and the floor between the kitchen and the bathroom.  The first 12 weeks I had constant nausea and had plenty of warning before I needed to make a bathroom or bucket dash.. I am 13 weeks + 1 today and hey! No more warning system! It just 'happens' suddenly. It isn't making me keen to leave the house or be out of arms reach of my bucket ever again I can tell you!

Meet our little wiggle bean! Sucking its thumb, scratching its belly, legs crossed... seems pretty cozy in there! Not fussed at all that mummy was wiping her own sick off the bathroom doorknob. It will all be worth it in the end :o)

Thursday, 14 March 2013

13 week baby jitters

Well.. at least I THINK I'm 13 weeks! It might be 12 weeks and 6 days...or something like that, close enough! I find out for sure today at 2.30pm (5 hours and 25 minutes to go!) as well as everything else... like is baby growing at the rate rate? Will it be healthy? Does baby still have a heartbeat? What if I've done something wrong to affect my baby? How will I cope if I receive any bad news today? What even constitutes bad news? What if those pains I've been feeling were important and I shouldn't have ignored them as growing pains? I have all these questions and more running a million miles through my mind at the moment and it's only 9.05am in the morning. I'm sure there will be more accumulated before my scan today. As a first time preggo you're not really sure what to expect, or to think... and I guess I've just been going with the flow as best I can and trying not to worry too much and let me tell you! 'Not worrying too much' is NOT in my nature!! Have I been too cruisy about everything?! ARRRRRG

Ok I'm breathing again.

Needless to say I'm a bit frazzled. Thismorning I woke up with horrible sharp cramps in my pelvis and my thought was instantly that something was happening to the baby...then reality settled back in and the calm rational part of my brain (as miniscule as it might be) reminded me that I had those pains PRE-pregnancy and it usually just means my bowels are having a hissy fit. As stupid as this is about to sound..I don't actually know where in amongst the multitude of blubber I posess my baby IS actually. No really!! What kind of woman doesn't know where her WOMB is for cryin' out loud? Ummmm ME!! The thing is I am so used to abdominal pains of all sorts from previously when my 'mystery' illness was hitting me hard that I honestly don't feel much that's different... and by different I mean the pains or whatever usually associated with growing a human. How weird is that? SHOULD I know which pains are which? I don't know! See what I mean? TO MUCH THOUGHT IN BRAIN... EXPLOSION IMMINENT!  Whatever.. at 2.30pm today, my mind will either be at ease... or the radiology unit walls will be painted in fetching new shades of 'human head' when my brain finally can't take the pressure and unusual extra activity.

Either way really!

Friday, 8 March 2013

Star stitch, fabric flowers and a beautiful blanket

My latest crafty escapades are definately not that glamorous but I have been doing a little bit here and there which is better than nothing right? I learnt a new crochet stich (the star stitch) which is groovy, takes a while to work up but looks great! I'd intended to make a start on my new autumn newborn prop range but with this flu it's been baby steps here and there. Definately looking forward to trying this one out again in a larger hook size (used a 5.5mm here) and a thicker ply yarn for a different effect.
I also whipped up some quick little fabric flowers to keep myself in the groove, there is nothing much in the crafting world I love more than fabric flowers yet I hardly ever take the time to make them! Sad really! I have a WHOLE PINTEREST board dedicated to them for cryin' out loud! I am in DESPERATE need of a project that involves oodles of these little beauties! Any suggestions? :o)
Then there is my ongoing mega-crochet project! This poor blanket has a very long way to go, I feel like I've been working on it for an eternity. One of my close friends asked for a blanket to made for her daughter, I feel so awful that I haven't finished it but first it was all day morning sickness, now it's the flu...I've had no luck! I am hoping to spend the better part of this weekend just working on it :o) It will be edged in white (once it's done), with white hearts appliqued and the little girl's name added in crochet letters (which I'll be learning how to do soon) I'll just keep swimming, I'm sure I'll get there soon! It's a good thing I have very understanding friends! I can't really show you more than this peak, I don't want her to see the whole thing til it's all done ;)
It's a Friday night and I think I'm going to nestle down on the lounge, keep up my fluids and watch Bob's Burgers....good plan methinks! Happy weekend everyone! I'll be back blogging later on in the week...12 week scan on Wednesday!! YIPPEEE! 

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

There's gonna be a baby Shmoogle Bean!

I know right! SQUEEEEEEEEE! We are absolutely thrilled, as you may or may not know we are expecting our very first bubba this year!! EXCITEMENT!!!!!! Well you know, hubby and I had been married just over a year and we thought hey, let's make this year 'The Year' and try for a baby...we decided this in December 2012....I fell pregnant in January :o) I gotta admit it was a bit of a suprise! We kind of thought 'oh hey, it'll take a few months, longer maybe!' so you can imagine the look on our faces when one Saturday on a whim we duck into Coles at 11.30pm to pick up some pregnancy tests...and I think maybe I should wait til morning to take a test. Impatience got the better of me and a few minutes later, there it was...the second little pink line clear as day. I'm not sure what I thought at the time, maybe that it couldn't possibly have fallen pregnant so fast and promptly took the other two to make sure the first one wasn't faulty and lo and behold, there in front of me were three pink lines! We didn't get a lot of sleep that night, the nerves were crazy! After popping along to the Dr to confirm our good news, we were sent for a dating scan and first saw Baby Shmoogle Bean... ok so it was more of a splodge than a baby at 7 weeks 5 days but all the same, it was wonderful! Little heartbeat and everything :o) Epic smooshy moment! So there's not a lot to see there yet... but we get our 12 week scan next Monday and I am beyond excited!!

I have had the dreaded morning sickness since week 3 and alas it's not restricted to just the's been

And let me tell you absolutely no fun! (despite any enthusiasm from The Kinks) Your excitement is kinda dampened when you have your head in a bucket....BUT sickness is apparantly a good thing meaning my hormones are doing what they're supposed to. Then all those things that come with being pregnant start a nasty UTI that was actually bleeding into my urine, then the absolutely shocking bout of thrush that came from the antibiotics that kept me up for nights on end...then the flu which I've acquired recently bought home by my husband (who works with school children all day) so thanks a bunch mother who sent their kid to school with the flu! Needless to say I've been stuck on bedrest A LOT these past few weeks....loads of books being read through and TV series' being watched. But you know what? Everyday that passes I'm thankful that I've made it past one week, then the next, then the next and all seems well. I am currently 9 weeks and 5 days, 10 weeks on Thursday and I breathe a little sigh of relief everyday. I have the most wonderfully supportive family although we live apart and whilst some friends have dropped away I have been blessed with those people who have shown sincere concern, excitement and happiness towards us since the beginning. People who remind me that through the sickness and worry I am growing a happy little vegemite and that Baby Shmoogle Bean will be loved by many! I might be turning into a bit of a hermit but Pinterest is here to help! (Hopefully) I've been stockpiling pins for this amazing occassion so that I can channel my creative vibes into creating for keep me occupied I'm simply going to choose something from my All Things Baby board and go for it! Which I will share of course :o)

I know most people don't usually share the good news until after 12 weeks, but my darling husband spilled the beans a tad too early and it kinda meant we had no choice haha! Very exciting stuff nevertheless and I am sooooo looking forward to seeing bubba again on Monday! :o)