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I am an avid craft and food lover and a bit of a geek living my equally geeky husband in Australia. I spend my days creating free craft tutorials for my blog, crocheting, knitting, singing loudly and drinking coffee. I adore the art of amigurumi (correction...I like looking at it. I've only tried it a few times and haven't established if I'm any good at it yet) and am addicted to scrapbook paper. I also sometimes eat ice cream for breakfast.

 I do lurrrve to craft! Come to think of it I also love to paint, and draw, and glue things together, and take photographs, and crochet, and write short stories and poetry, and read, and design things, and collect scrapbook paper (I dont scrapbook, I just like the pretty paper!), and play computer games, and the '64 and Monopoly, and to sing, and bake, and I'm addicted to ribbons and buttons, and sewing, and music, and theatre, and watching old BBC television series', and Star Wars, and one day I want to meet Dylan Moran and Simon Pegg, I wish I was born in the 50's, 60's and 70's just for the experiences, I adore vintage and rockabilly, I love making hair accessories and I'm never going to challange Martha Stewart to a duel with lightsabers but I will continue to do all these things because they make me incredulously happy! (except battling it out with Martha Stewart....that might get me in trouble) And that's all that matters!!

I should also mention that I am perpetually broke.... it's not easy making craft tutorials when you have no money, good thing I have a bit of stash that I've collected over the years! Actually, to be honest it's dowright ridiculous trying to do ANYTHING whilst perpetually broke.... Life, have one, I do not. I guess that gives more ground for creativity!
So here I am, this is my blog. Where it's all going I have no idea! But I hope you enjoy reading anyway :o)

P.S: I was living and blogging in Armidale, NSW but as of October 2013 I'm now living in Darwin, NT! I'm also now a mummy to one gorgeous little baby boy, still addicted to everything crafty and still as odd and awkward as always. I also still don't really have much of a life but I'm working on that ;)

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  1. Hi! I've missed reading your posts. I hope all is well with you and your family :)


Thanks a bunch of bananas for the comments lovelies! I sure do appreciate it you spunky thing you :o)