Thursday, 28 November 2013

How did THAT even happen?!?!

Ha! Blogging with my left hand whilst breastfeeding Baby Bean! Winning at life lol

That awkward moment when you think you've finished the amazing glittery shawl you've been doing these past two days, you lay it out and realise you've made a bit of a booboo in your over-tired medicated state... Tried to unravel it to fix it but the sequins make it impossible. It's fixable but it's gonna be a pain in the arse! GAH!

I find this very appropriate in this situation...
How did THAT even happen?!?!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Unfinished Business

My current projects on the hook! Of course it would probably make sense to finish one before starting another... especially when I now have 4 on the go at the same time (not counting ones still packed away in boxes from the move!) whoops! You know how it is ;)
This one you might have seen in yesterday's blog post... my chunky thick rainbow ripple throw in progress... this one has been great for hooking! The thicker yarn means it works up like a dream! The variegated yarn makes the ripple pattern hard to see BUT I do love the different texture and colour pattern than if it had just been a DC back and forth design.

Whilst I was in Albury I actually started working on hexagon 'squares' for an afghan. I've never actually made an afghan with squares before, I usually work them up in a one piece because the idea of joining a whole load of bits together seemed like WAY too much effort. So what do I do? Use up to 3 colours per hexagon so now I have a whole load of tails to sew in as well! I'm not too worried though, my desire to see how it will look once completed is fuelling my persistence with this project... for the time being anyway ;) 
The project on the lounge beside me is a new one I only started this morning. I had about seven 50gm balls of this lovely soft green yarn with sequins and I thought, how gorgeous would this look made into a shawl? Well I couldn't help myself, I started right away! I've only gotten a little way into it so far, I got distracted by watching Calendar Girls.
The last of the 4 projects I started right after we moved here. You see, our Christmas tree and all the decorations we'd collected over the past few years are actually in a shed back in Armidale. I thought it might be nice to make up a few decorations for our new tree (once we get one that is) myself. Our family Christmas tree back at the parent's house has decorations that belonged to great aunts and grandmothers, so it's important to me that as we lead into celebrating our first family Christmas with the hubby and Baby Bean, there are handmade ornaments on the tree.

It's hard to say whether I'll actually finish any of these, I would sure like to for a change! To feel like I'm actually achieving some little goals seems like something I'd really benefit from at the moment :)

It's a gorgeous windy overcast day outside today, with the air conditioner on in here it's reminding me of Armidale and I'm finding that very comforting. I wish I could adjust to living here faster!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Hello Tuesday!

Well hello Tuesday....

Hello to a clean fur free floor! (for the time can my dogs shed!)

Hello to my baby Bean who is 8 weeks old today

Hello to the possibility of a big storm this afternoon, I'm loving wet season!

Hello cold coffee I made 2 hours ago and forgot about

Hello funky coloured blanket I've been making

Hello from me!


Sunday, 24 November 2013


Why, hello hello hello to you! I've become reacquainted with my dear old friend, the internet! Oh my it's been so long, absolutely splendiforous to be back with you again in the blogosphere. What have I missed?!
I'll tell you what YOU'VE missed.... I moved to Darwin. Yep... we finally did it! And heck what a trip it was too but we're here now in our own home (FINALLY!) and the universe has finally (touch wood) decided to stop slapping us in the face with it's big hairy, erm, ears. Well I mean we're expecting a tropical cyclone later today but on the whole things are miles better than they have been. You know, I'm not even going to recap on all the crapola we've been through these past 5 months it is simply not worth getting myself upset over anymore. Away with the past, on with the future! All that matters now is that we're safe (pre-cyclone haha), our little family is together despite the hinges it's been swinging off lately, we have a solid income again and a whole boat load of new experiences and adventures ahead of us. Nevermind that the boat may be full of crocs, leaking holes and more bad decisions but as Captain Jack Sparrow once said, "the problem is not the problem, the problem is your attitude towards the problem".

So here we are in the Top End! Enjoying our new life in the ungodly heat, steadily adjusting to the change of pace and of course soaking up the wonderful new experiences of parenthood. Our little Bean is nearly 2 months old can you believe it? He's growing so quickly! We're absolutely besotted with him, he's the smiliest happiest most handsome boy in the whole world.
Hubby is out grabbing hot chips and gravy (absolutely had to test out the nearest corner store... although he just texted me to say they don't actually have gravy FOR SHAME corner store FOR SHAME) and we're really just sitting around OUR house amongst OUR mess watching OUR tv and generally spending the Sunday the way it should be spent. It's so flipping good I'm going to say it again... OUR house! Our stuff, our everything... feels like rainbows and glitter and sherbert and unicorns all smooshed into one big amazeball.

Now you know I haven't fallen off the face of the planet (you missed me right?!) I'd best get back to entertaining my little Bean who is currently talking to his toy monkey beside me in a most adorable way.


Behave Xx

P.s wish us luck for this crazy incoming weather, I'd better not wear my red shoes in case a house falls on me.
P.p.s It's a bajillion degrees outside and I'm crocheting a rainbow ripple blanket. That's perfectly normal! Don't laugh ;)