Monday, 9 April 2012

There goes the giggling in my loungeroom again!!

Monday night, 11pm and I am a funny sight! Sitting here in my craft room with my laptop, myself wrapped in a blanket and trying not to laugh at my husband who is giggling away (too much caffienated soft drink) whilst he and some friends are sitting in the loungeroom having a computer LAN.... I have absolutely no idea what they're going on about but on the odd occassion someone bursts out in laughter and shouts 'GO GO GO RUUUUUUUN' intermixed with conversations about strategy, siege towers and battle tactics. Meanwhile I have been creating a mansion of epic proportions in the Sims 3 because I can, eating leftover Butter Chicken and also consuming too much soft drink (to the point where I now feel rather icky and my teeth have a sugar coating BLECK where's that toothbrush?) whilst watching episodes of 'Spaced'. The only thing is now I have gotton sick of soft drink, run out of leftover chicken, finished the last episode of Spaced and my mansion is progressing MUCH too slowly. So here I am blogging away... about what? Who knows!! But it seemed like a good option! I am also very over tired from this past weekend (so many guests and not enough hours in the we went into night hours and are now very very tired) and so full of chocolate I could explode! I should also at this stage apologise for any spelling errors in this post, as I said, very tired and not really 'with it' haha Ohhh many things happened over the weekend! My birthday for one thing (which was fab! Lots of fun to be had by all!) and of course Easter! And many people that came and went at different intervals that needed entertaining/feeding/somewhere to sleep etc. That's what family is for right?! Although given some new developments on the family front I am beginning to question that moral BUT I won't go into details there.... I will however say that I am a little dissappointed and despondant towards some people's interpretations of the words 'trust' and 'loyalty' and general understanding. That's also what family is for right?!

There goes the giggling in my loungeroom again!! I think I need to go and check on my husband, brush all this sugar off my teeth and head to bed!
-Tashy Xx


  1. Great post- and I am right there with you.. many nights up til 3 or 4am.. seems like never enough time to be a wife, mom, blogger, etc.. and then to add in time for crafting too! I just thought I would bake a bunch of cupcakes this Easter weekend.. well after two days, they are baked, but still sitting sadly un-frosted... LOL Looking forward to your giveaway! Thanks for sharing~

    1. I just found your comment! :o) Sorry it took me so long!
      Hehehehehe! I am hearing you about the cupcakes! I made a batch of rainbow cupcakes on the Friday night and completely forgot to frost them too! They were still on the bench come Monday LOL whoops!


Thanks a bunch of bananas for the comments lovelies! I sure do appreciate it you spunky thing you :o)