Sunday, 22 April 2012

Home again, home again jiggity jig!

It was so lovely going to visit the family this weekend! It was my sister's 19th birthday so we were able to catch up with everyone and have a beer and BBQ in the backyard down in Port Macquarie (the best and only way to catch up, the Aussie way of course!) The cupcakes I made for her went down an absolute treat, everyone loved them! I was so proud of myself when they came out looking edible ;o) I'd never really worked with fondant before! Good thing I had insomnia last Thursday night and stayed up making these... no sleep can sometimes be useful. Sometimes... most of the time I'd prefer to be sleeping though.

 The dogs had a great time too playing with mums dog, A.J in the wet mud-soaked ground after all the rain they've had down in Port recently. You will notice this photo was taken on arrival as they are still CLEAN.

Meet A.J ...he's just one big ball of playful furry friendly Labradoodle! He always looks like he's smiling...sooo cute!
 I can tell you the 3 hour drive to and from never gets any better! For some reason I have NEVER had car sickness but over the past year I seem to have magically developed it!! The trip to Port is of course over about and hour and a halfs worth of terribly wind-y roads so my enjoyment factor was at 0 for the most part of the trip there (and back...much worse on the way back! had to pull over a few times) I forgot to buy Travel Calm so had to settle with Ginger Beer but it only helped a little. Luckily I discovered that crocheting worked wonders in controlling my desire to hurl the whole way (charming isn't it?) so I got to work on the baby blanket I started a few days ago with all that glorious wool I bought! And nooo I am not expecting (yet...although with all that sickness! HAHA no just kidding), I just thought it would be nice to have some things ready in my Baby-Box for when the time comes in the not too distant future :o) So I got into my 'car-crocheting'! And suprisingly I didn't drop and lose my darning needle in the process!! Wooohoo!!

The beginnings of car-crochet baby blanket...all on my lap of course! Good thing I have plenty of leg to use as a work bench!
Nice straight-ish road at the beginning of the trip
Not feeling so flash hot at this stage!! It only gets worse after this point
Nope, not a mirror image of the above photo...just more darn HORRID twists and turns!
Our poor Toby not feeling too great either... we had to pull over TWICE as apparantly the dogs get car sick too. That was not a pleasant experience I can tell you!
Car-crochet baby blanket squares began to multiply!

FINALLY coming out of the mountains! What a view right?!

The weekend was just go-go-go the whole time, I couldn't believe how fast it went by! Time DOES fly when you're having fun though...and there was a lot of fun had! I don't remember the last time I had a few beers and a decent BBQ and just chilled out, pure bliss really! I also managed to pick up a few photo props before we had to head back home for a photo shoot I'm doing soon, that one is a suprise though, I'll fill you in later ;o)

My blanket squares on the way back to Armidale today! :o)
Every time I head home I am always amazed at all the new little things I find in and around the house!

I adore my parents' backyard, it's just so interesting! You really do have to keep your eyes peeled, there is something to find almost everywhere!

For instance, check out this funky bathtub goldfish pond! When mum and dad renno'd the bathroom and turned the linen closet into a seperate toilet, they were left with a purple bathtub (yes it was purple, as was the toilet and the sink) so mum being the creative person that she is made it into this:

Rather large and very inquisitive goldfish!

 It's my favourite part of the yard! Oh...well, that and The Happy Hippy Henhouse of course!

There is something wonderfully calming and special about heading home to visit your mum and dad and siblings, I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend :o) What do you love most about visiting your parents? Do they live in the same town as you? Do you visit regularly or just for special occassions or do your parents live so far away you only go once away? I'd love to know! :o)

Oh by the way... take a look at these two photos... look a bit different to you? The car sickness really did shake me up!

Just after we left Armidale on the way to Port
And just coming back IN to Armidale on the way home....I was definately not a well Bean AT ALL


  1. Aaaww! I loved your post. :o) It was fun to see all of the beautiful pictures from your weekend at home with family. Your mom is very creative and she has a creative daughter, too! Your cupcakes are adorable! Wish I could have some for an upcoming ladybug storytime. My storytime friends would love the little flowers and ladybugs!

    1. Thankyou :o) They were so much fun to make! Just like playing with playdough hehe

  2. Note to self, do not let my daughter see those cupcakes otherwise she'll be super disappointed with her plain frosted cupcakes, lol. I can't work with Fondant. Those were so cute!

    1. I'd never tried it before and suprised myself! Just keep telling yourself it's edible playdough lol I ended up with rainbow hands from the colouring!

  3. Great post, it was so nice seeing the fun you had and all of the little treasures at your parent's house. The cupcakes looked fabulous and welcome home!!

  4. Reading your post I kept thinking to myself...finish reading, stop thinking about the cupcakes, stop thinking...about cupcakes. Guess it didn't work...those cupcakes look amazing!!!


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