Friday, 6 April 2012

Twas the day before her birthday and all through the house...

Twas the day before her birthday
and all through the house...
no one was stirring,
not even a mouse.

Her husbands' brother and sister
had travelled for the weekend to stay,
so a big brekky of bacon and eggs
was in order to start their day.

They watched a little T.V,
played some '64
and then about midday
the brother went out the door.

He was off hunting,
with some friends you see.
So we sat and wondered what to do with OUR day
my hubby, his sister and me.

The girl made Tim Tam truffle pops,
and a big chocolate cake!
Then she had to take a nap
from which she didnt want to wake!

A nap so early in the afternoon?
How odd! I hear you say,
but there is much energy to be exhausted
in having fun all day!

But the day was still young,
and with so much more to do
she crawled out of her bed
and got hold of the glue.

Little paper baskets she made,
for the egg hunt Easter Day,
Egg hunts aren't just for kids,
even big kids like to play!

After losing momentum
she reached for a coffee,
threw in an extra shot for good measure
(but soon after found she had to pee).

More Nintendo was played,
and boy was that fun!
We played 'Just Dance' quite a lot
and felt like we'd been for a run!

Although on the upside, she thought,
all that exercise would come in handy.
When on the following day all that food was eaten
all that chocolate, cake and candy.

She took her pups for a walk,
since night was drawing near,
the husband had gone to get some fish and chips
and she thought it was time to crack a beer.

(but didn't as there wasn't any around)

Now she sits at her laptop,
and wondered what else had to be done,
she hadn't made much progress
amidst all the fun.

Dinner had been eaten,
she was happy, full then smiled;
What lovely company she'd had today
and all that preparation would be worth the while.

For tomorrow was her birthday,
and what fun there was to be had!
She'd get to wear her party dress,
She'd sewn it herself, and it didn't look half bad.

She'd put her hair in curlers,
and wear her favourite heels.
Then off to the pub with her dearest friends she'll go
to share in the finest counter-meals!

So instead of a normal blog post
about her nifty day,
the girl thought she'd write a poem;
it's a blog post, in an interesting way!

Now this girl hopes you have enjoyed your day,
as much as she has enjoyed hers...
and wants to wish you all a HAPPY EASTER
bids you goodnight,
and to all adieu!


  1. lol! That was very cute. I did enjoy it and Happy Bday :)

  2. Very cute...I just love your banner :)

  3. I love how cute that poem was! You're really good at writing poems and I wish I was that good.

  4. So cute and creative! I am horrible with rhymes!

  5. That was so cute! I really liked it. I wrote my version of Twas The Night Before Christmas a few months ago and thought it was so fun. Happy Birthday!

  6. That is very cute! Happy Birthday!

  7. Thankyou for your birthday wishes and your lovely comment everyone!! :o)


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