Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Creation withdrawals...

You know what is really super dooper times a bazillion bugging me at this very second???????

The fact that I haven't tried a new crafty thing of some kind today!! Do NORMAL people worry about this stuff?? Seriously? Or am I insane? It's 10pm at night and I don't feel like I've done ANYTHING today simply because I haven't created something new! I FEEL LIKE I HAVE WASPS IN MY BRAIN! Figuratively speaking.

So now what?????? My brain is still buzzing...possibly from the two beers and tall coffee I had at Trivia tonight (which we lost and royally sucked BUM at by the way) and I absolutely need to do something before I can sleep soundly. BUT WHAT MY FRIENDS WHAT?! *shoots off to Pinterest to scour boards for an idea*
...and is now conflicted. That didn't really help! I could make a new headband or flower but really I have loads of them already... It's a little too late at night to sew, I can't bake and I lack certain supplies for other stuff. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm conundrum!

Then its hits me...'it' being an idea. I want to make something insanely girly and pretty. I haven't done much of that before...and I don't really have anything like that yet in my vast collection so hey! Let's do that! And what does that consist of??? Flowers and headbands... oh well, one more in my collection can never be a bad thing! So I consulted my 'Flowers of the DIY variety' board and put together a small collection of inspiration that goes something like this:

Source: via Tash on Pinterest

And now I am off to dig through my stash of fabrics and lace and ribbons and things to see what I can come up with! And you're just gonna have to wait til tomorrow to see what I made!

Late night creation withdrawal dealt with!

See you tomorrow Beans! Im off to not accidentally glue my fingers together with hot glue....

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