Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Meh... goodmorning!

Goodmorning whoever is there!

Cleaning and what not today, fun hey? Sorry about the rant yesterday if anyone read it, as I said, today I'm still feeling just as cynical but feeling less need to broadcast my disdain to the general public. In my opinion though everything still sucks and life is a great big ball of candy coloured unicorn poop at the moment (not as nice as it sounds, poop is still poop)..I've completely screwed my diet and exercise thing which means I have to start all over again and I feel like a fat blob.

But I started a ripply afghan last night. Goodie! Probably take me 10 years to finish, but I don't care it's relaxing.

This quirky bean is in a bad place and wants to crawl into a ball and hide.

Hopefully I'll be back to my 'usual' self soon and you can come back and read happy fun things instead.


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