Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Watermelon Crochet Coasters

Hey Quirky Beans! How's it hanging? I hope you are well and not as flu-y and disgusting as I feel thismorning...I'd managed to go through winter so far without getting sick, it seems it's finally caught me. Today, I'm working on some gifts and figured it's been a tad too long since I published my last tutorial and it was time to stop being slack and get back into it. Here I am today, and we are making super simple crochet coasters!

Why pink, green and white? Coz it reminds me of watermelons and I love watermelons and watermelons are awesome that's why! So these are insanely simple, if you know how to crochet in rounds, you can crochet a coaster. I'm making these are part of my Handmade for Christmas Challange and thought I'd share the pattern with you... but as I said, it is pretty simple (you are essentially making a circle haha) so I'm sure you could have worked it out without me :o)

Here's what you'll need:
  • 3.5mm hook
  • 3 colours of your choice in 8ply (worsted weight) yarn
  • yarn needle (for weaving in ends)
  • scissors
  • your two hands
  • Possibly some coffee

Start with a magic ring and chain up 2. This will count as your first stitch.
Round 1: Work 11 dc into the ring and close with sc into the top of the first dc.

Round 2: Chain up 2, put one dc into the same st. Work 2 dc into each stitch around, join with a sc into top of first dc.

Round 3: Chain 2, put 1 dc into the same st. *1 dc in next st then 2 dc in the same st* repeat between **. Join with sc into top of first dc.
Round 4: Chain 2, put 1 dc into same st. Next put *1 dc in next 2 sts then 2 dc in the same st* repeat between **. Join with sc into top of first dc.
Finish off with the first colour and weave in ends.
Join your next colour, it doesn't matter where you join it to and chain up 2. Put 1 dc into the same st. Round 5: *1 dc in next 3 sts, 2 dc into same st* Repeat between ** Join with a sc into top of first dc and finish off with second colour. Weave in ends.

Join with your last colour, again, wherever you like is fine. Chain up 1, put 1 dc into same st.
Last Round: *1 sc in next 4 sts, 2 sc into same st* Repeat between ** Join with slip st to finish. Weave in ends.
Repeat the above pattern til you have however many coasters you'd like in your set. I have four in mine :o) Time to wrap 'em up and add them to my ever growing pile of handmade gifts! Enjoy Beans! And stay tuned! I have some more easy crafty tutorials on the way this week!


  1. Hello!
    I love these coasters, especialy because they really look like some watermelon slices.
    Though,I have a question: certainly I'll need some coffee, but do I really need my hands? I mean, both of them? :D
    Thank you!

    1. :p hehe well, for best results two hands are 'handy'!
      You're welcome!!


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