Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Simply Pleasures Headband

This morning I had every intention in the world to make a crochet owl headband but it didn't quite work out as planned. I'm sure at some stage I'll give it another go, but whilst I was in my little crafty zone I put some thing together and created something else instead. It's small, sweet and simple and that's all you need for an everyday headband isn't it? :o)

What you'll need:
4.5mm hook
8ply yarn in two neutral colours
White felt
Gold glitter
2 plastic pearl beads
Craft glue
Hot glue gun

To make the headband:
Headband: Make a chain of 140. That's it! Sew in the tails on either end and set aside.

To make the embellishment:
Magic circle, chain 1
11 hdc into ring. Join with sl st
Chain 1, 1 hdc into same st
2 hdc into each of the next 7 sts
2 dc into each of the next 4 sts
Sl st to top of first hdc to join,

Repeat for a second leaf.

With the felt:
Cut two sets of teardrop shapes. The first set should be just smaller than your crochet leaves, and the second set a little smaller than that.

Hot glue the larger set onto the crochet leaves as shown

With the glitter:
Apply a little craft glue over the smaller set of felt pieces and place glue side down in gold glitter.

Leave your little golden leaves to dry and gently shake off any excess glitter.

Hot glue them onto your headband.

Take your two little pearl beads and hot glue them to the inner points of your leaves

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