Sunday, 12 August 2012

Photo shoots, bananas, Christmas and Dr Who!

Hey guys!!

Firstly I just want to say a thanks a HUGE bunch of bananas to the awesome Beans who have left comments on my posts recently *shuffles feet* it really SUPER DOOPER means the world to me so thanks! AND to my new followers too!!!! You guys ROCK and I love you forever :o) It's nice to know I'm not just sending my rambles off into the deep dark internet void awww shucks I feel loved!

I have a yummy coffee beside my lappy thismorning after a delicious sleep in...I got as much extra Zzzzzz's in as I could before the puppies decided it was time to get up. Who needs alarm clocks when you have super energetic bouncy fur balls running all over you and licking your face?! Good thing I love them!

I feel like I need to blog this because it was SOOOO much fun and I haven't felt so exhilerated and full of beans (haha get it?!) doing something like this in so long! Yesterday my long time and dearest friend Miss Ashlee came over armed with bags of her fav outfits and a fab attitude and took part in my first ever home studio sesh! SQUEEEE! We both had an absolute ball! Ashlee said she was a little nervous to start with but my golly gosh as soon as that girl got her confidence she ROCKED the camera and we got some amazing shots! I was really keen to get to know my camera and it's setting and all that jazz so this was a fab opportunity for us both to have some fun. I'm really looking forward to next weekend when I have TWO MORE gorgeous ladies heading over for a retro shoot! How about some comments for Ashlee? Ain't she just the most beautiful thang!
If you like, you can check out the rest of the photos HERE!

See what I mean? She's a total natural!! We snuck in a bit of op-shopping beforehand too... that's always fun :p I even got a present! I spotted a little ceramic hand painted baking dish and fell in love, Ashlee bought it for me :o) She's such a sweetie! I'm a sucker for mismatched kitchen if only I had a bigger kitchen to store it all!

Last night after an exciting day I plonked myself down with hubby and watched Die Hard 3.0 whilst slowly pegging away at my Handmade for Christmas Challange... I should have some more gifts to check off my list later today *fingers crossed*! At this rate we're gonna need to set up our tree in November just to put the evergrowing pile of pressies somewhere!

And today...being Sunday and all means hopefully I can squish some baking in around unravelling my Dr Who scarf to start it over... (if you need to be filled in on that, just check the 30ft Super Scarf tab up top there and scroll down)

So there you go! That's me at the moment... Don't forget there is still plenty of time to enter our 50 Fans Celebration Giveaway and if you're looking for a little project to do this weekend, you can check out my Craft and DIY section :o) I'm sure you'll find something nifty to do!

Til next post Beans!!

Lova ya!

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