Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A post full of Beaker

I'm supposed to be decluttering my living space this week (or at least making a start on it) and looking at DIY storage solutions to keep things a little tidier but I was so busy running around yesterday in the cold air that I think I've made myself sick. My face has been flushed and hot all day and I just feel completely zonked and worn out so there won't be any galavanting around on a cleaning crusade today by the looks of it. I've spent the day so far watching Season 5 of House and working on my crochet ripple blanket (which doesn't appear to be growing any bigger by the way!) and generally feeling like a giant pile of unicorn poop; only less colourful and more poop-y. Perhaps that was the wrong analogy but you get the idea. I'm fever-y (or whatever) and otherwise incapable of performing any other task that involves moving from this lounge.

So instead of actually making my home not quite so covered in crap, and indeed instead of compiling a heap of ideas on storage and decluttering etc I am going to fill up this post with pictures of Beaker for no reason other he is awesome. A good use of a blog post? I think so.
Source: via Tash on Pinterest

Source: via Tash on Pinterest

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