Friday, 17 August 2012

Friday arvo ramblings!

Howdy Beanies!

How are we this windy afternoon?? I was almost blown away trying to hang out washing earlier today..we've had wind gusts of 65km/h with a possibility of them reaching 100km/h overnight! Scary! O.o

Guess what I did today? Apart from get hit by a flying twig whilst doing my washing thismorning...

Yep you guessed right, not much LOL I did manage to make this absolutely ADORABLE Dr Suess theme earflap hat... ain't it cute!! It's for my youngest nephew as a Christmas pressie :o) I think he'll love it! I'll be making his brother a 'Thing 2' hat to match, they're gonna be the cutest kids in town! There's a link for the free pattern under the 'Handmade for Christmas Challange' tab up top there...

Sooooooo today is Friday!! YAY!! And HOLY COW this week has flown! But that obviously means that it's the WEEKEND and here at QC Shmoogle Bean HQ, in our reasonably average lives we have plans! My hubby and I ideally spend our weeknights reading/gaming/watching anime (Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! is our current series of choice...sooooo cute!) together and we adore it that way! With the exception of Wednesday nights when we venture down to the pub for Trivia and a beer. Hey, if you're ever in Armidale, Australia you should totally come with! We welcome extra brain-power hehe This weekend however, we plan to spend Saturday morning in the garden giving it some much needed TLC (stay tuned for another 'Diary of an Inexperienced Gardener' post) and I THINK but not entirely sure (need to check up this) that I have a photoshoot in the arvo; Saturday night we're going to visit Vaun and her beautiful little girl Sophia (seriously this bubba girl is such a stunner!! takes after her mum!) and on Sunday we're going, and don't blame me for this it was not my idea, bowling and rollerblading with people who can actually bowl and rollerblade.....very much unlike myself. I am the world's most unco bowler (I sort of throw the ball rather than bowl it and NEVER break 50) and don't even get me started on how hilarious I look on a pair of wheels!! I'm sure I'll provide plenty of good 'ole entertainment for everyone else anyway! I'll see if I can get someone to take a photo of me on skates so you can see exactly what I'm talking about (and laugh!)

In crochet news...I'm being an uber yarn geek as per usual. I swear my poor husband will get lost in the balls of wool about the place one day! I made the Dr Suess hat as you saw and I've also been working away on my chevron blanket and these gorgeous coffee mug cozy's!

And for some other random tidbits of news:
  • My favourite colour is.... none! I don't have one, I love all colours in many combinations, so there you go!
  • Right now I am wearing odd socks because I'm too lazy to pair them
  • Tonight we are having pizza for dinner
  • I am listening to 'Just Ace' by Grinspoon at the moment
  • I am in my pj's
  • and my hubby is being licked to death by our puppies so I'm off to tickle him while he's stuck on the floor coz that's the kind of loving wifey that I am :p

Catch you on the flipside!


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