Monday, 20 August 2012

FLASHDANCE CURLS for the win! Busy weekends, photography and fun hair do's!

I am completely pooped today! Another practice photo shoot, skating, bowling (both of which I sucked at), dinner with a friend, many many games of Labyrinth, 2 hours and 45 minutes of Sing Star and three nights of not being in bed until after midnight! I don't think I've done quite so much in one weekend in..... I don't even know when! How old and boring does that make me feel!?! And I got absolutely NO housework OR gardening done! It was all fantastic fun though :o)

A HUGE thankyou to my model, Cerry for volunteering on Saturday!! These are just a teeny weeny selection of photos from the shoot! Ain't she just the cutest thang? You can check out the rest of the photos at Pretty Things Art and Photography if you'd like!

I uploaded a few photos of my watercolour paintings too! Go check them out and tell me what you think!

Oh! And I posted my Round 6 granny squares today to their mystery location! This exchange has been oodles of fun, it's fantastic receiving a pair of unique crocheted or knitted squares in the mail with no idea of where they came from!
This is Labyrinth...sooooo much fun! It's seriously an awesome board game!

Tomorrow morning at 9am I have my last practice Portfolio shoot and then *SQUEEE* I can do my price list and actually start (hopefully) getting a little bit of business! I hope I'm good enough, I'm certainly not qualified but I don't think that matters much these a hobby I mean. If I was wanting to go into it professionally I would be getting a hold of that Diploma in a heart beat (and when I win Lotto coz there is NO WAY I could afford it at the moment) I have absolutely no idea what to charge but I guess with a coffee (or two) and a bit of thought I can probably think of something..... I don't really want much, just enough to cover the batteries in my camera and the time editing really :o) Is that ok do you think? People tell me I undercharge for my drawings too, but if I'm not a professional I don't see why I should charge someone a lot of money for something...I want to stay as affordable to everyone as possible!

Hmmmm what else... oh yes! My Pinterest hair experiments! My aim was to test out if this.....

and this

would work! So I did! And here's what happened! Will braiding your hair and running a straightening iron over each braid a few times get you waves in thick hair? Nope, not really....not unless you're willing to put a BAZILLION little teeny weeny braids in and personally that's a tad too much effort BUT will putting your hair in braids whilst your hair is damp, letting it dry for an hour or two AND THEN running over each one a few times with a straightening iron work? Sure will!!! And they'll hold nicely too! See? SUCCESS!!

 Onto the next experiment.... FLASHDANCE curls! Now I don't know about you, but I'm a sucker for curly hair.... I LOVE big bouncy curly hair do's and they are just soooo me! So this one I was super excited to try out! Soo I did this...

Before I went to bed I put my hair into little wormies whilst my hair was damp, and bobby pinned the crap out of them to hold them down (I have UBER thick hair)...

Had THE WORST night's sleep trying to get comfortable on all those hard little bobbles and the next day...

I quickly went over my whole head with a hair dryer to set them a little more, then I took out the bobby pins and had these really cool tight little springs for hair! I carefully pulled them apart and VOILA! FLASHDANCE curls!! Was I totally in love them and feel like a million bucks? I sure was!! And I sure did!! Was it worth the terrible night's sleep...probably not, BUT I feel like next time I try this I'll work it out so that the uncomfy bobbly things are on top of my head and not in the way when I sleep. ANOTHER SUCCESS!!

So if you are like me and have super thick hair but still want to try out some fun experiments, these two methods are fantastic! If you happen to come across another hair do on Pinterest (or wherever!) you love but aren't sure about it in your thick hair, email it to me! I'll test it out for you, blog about it and share it with everyone else! :o)
So now...I'm going to trot off and do some research for tomorrow mornings' outdoor shoot, find something comfy to wear and get started on some 'to do' lists for the EPIC declutter and organisation adventure I'll be doing to my flat soon! Stay tuned for more on that! I'll be sharing my favourite DIY storage and declutter solutions, creating a few of my own and generally cutting the crap out of my living space so it feels more like home and I can take pride in it instead of resenting it and leaving everything all icky. Sounds like a plan right!?

Nighty night!!!

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