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Nappy Wallet Sewing Tutorial ~ Very Handy and Very Cute!

Hey guys! You may remember this tutorial was featured at The Babbling Baby's Blog but unfortunately due to personal circumstances Charlene closed down her website. I was able however to retrieve (luckily!) this sewing tutorial I made up especially for her blog and relocated  back here to the QC Shmoogle Bean! I know a few blogs have featured this tutorial since then, if you are one of those wonderful bloggers, I have emailed you with this link if you'd like to replace it with the old one :o)
This is a gorgeous project to make as a gift for any mother-to-be, handmade gifts have that special personal touch! It takes very little fabric and is not a difficult sewing project; I made one for a friend of mine for her baby shower a few months ago and she just loved it! I hope you will enjoy this tutorial!! *I make no income from my blog and my tutorials are created for free for your personal/gift use only. Please do not sell items made from this tutorial; no part of this tutorial, text or photographs, may be sold, copied or reproduced in any way.Thankyou!

You will need:
Ruler or tape measure
Fabric scissors
Tailors chalk
Sewing machine and matching thread
Hook and loop tape
(2 x 5.5cm loop tape and 2 x 5.5cm hook tape)
Focus fabric
Lining fabric
Iron on interfacing

For the nappy wallet:
1 focus fabric piece 42.5cm x 26cm
1 inner lining fabric piece " "
Interfacing " "

For the inside pockets:
2 focus fabric pieces 12cm x 14cm
2 inner lining pieces " "

For the wrist strap:
1 fabric piece 42cm x 7.5cm

For the closure strap:
1 focus fabric piece 9.5cm x 22cm
1 inner lining piece " "
Interfacing " "
This adorable 'Hungry Little Caterpillar' fabric is from 2 Little Bowerbirds, they stock some absolutely gorgeous fabrics and are an Australian based supplier. Before starting this project, be sure to have all your fabric cut and ready to go and be sure to read through each step before you start :o) I've included plenty of photos to help you along so it should be nice and easy to follow, but if you get stuck at any stage, please don't hesistate to ask me any questions!
Step 1: Iron the interfacing onto your nappy wallet lining fabric. Set aside

Step 2: Iron the interfacing onto wrong side of closure strap lining. Flip over and position both pieces of loop tape side by side in the centre onto right side of strap lining 3cm in from the top as shown. Overlap the tape slightly so it's easier to sew. Pin, and sew.

Step 3: Once your loop tape is sewn on, place the two closure strap pieces right sides facing and pin in place. Sew along the edge using a 1cm seam allowance leaving the bottom end open for turning. Cut a 45 degree angle at the corners close to the stitching, this will give you a nicer corner. Turn the strap right side out, fold in open end 1cm and press. Topstitch all around close to the edge. Set aside.

Step 4: Place one set of your pocket fabric pieces together (1 focus fabric and 1 lining piece), right sides together and sew around the outside using a 1/2cm seam allowance leaving a gap for turning. Turn right side out, fold in opening and press. Do not topstitch. Repeat with your second pocket. Set aside.

Step 5: Take your wrist strap fabric and lay it  wrong side up. Fold in the sides to the centre lengthways and press.

Fold the strip in half again enclosing both raw edges inside. Press. Your wrist strap will be 2cm wide. Top stitch along the open side close to the edge. I like to topstitch down the other side aswell to make it look more finished.

Step 6: Take your two main nappy wallet fabric pieces and place them right sides facing. Pin. Now take your wrist strap and fold down in half. Sandwich it between the two nappy wallet fabrics in the centre leaving 2.5cm of the ends outside as shown. Pin into place. Note: to find whereabouts you need to pin the wrist strap, fold your fabric in half and pin the strap in at the fold. Also make sure your wrist strap is not twisted inside the fabric pieces.

Sew all around the edge using a 1cm seam allowance leaving a 10cm gap for turning. Be sure to sew over the wrist strap to secure it. Trim off excess fabric and cut 45 degrees on each corner. Turn right side out and press the whole thing nice and flat.

Top stitch around all edges, being sure to catch the 10cm opening.

Step 7: Fold your nappy wallet in half. This is what your nappy wallet will look like when closed and is how we are going to position the closure strap. On the back of the nappy wallet, position your strap velcro side DOWN in the centre (about 8cm in from either side and 8cm down). Pin into place.

To attach the strap, sew a square 6cm x 6cm lining up the bottom of the square over the stitching at the bottom of the strap. Sew across from corner to corner. Don't worry, once we place the pockets on the inside of the nappy wallet, you won't see the stitching on the other side.

Step 8: Still with me? :o) Don't forget if you get stuck or have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! Next we will be positioning the hook tape onto the nappy wallet. Lay your nappy wallet down as shown

Measure in 6cm from the top edge (about 8.5cm in from either side) and this is where you will sew on your loop velcro. Lay your velcro side by side slightly overlapping as before and pin into place.

Sew on your velcro.

Step 9: Take your two pocket pieces and position them at each end of the wallet as shown about 2cm in from each side.

You will be sewing along the sides and bottom edge leaving the opening towards the middle so when you are positioning your pockets, be sure to do so with the gaps you left for turning on the bottom of the pocket so they will be sewn over and closed in the process. Sew around each pocket as close to the edge as possible. And you're all done!! All you need to do now is add some nappies inside, gift wrap it and I am sure the mum-to-be will adore it! The nappy wallet will hold 2 newborn to 5kg nappies in each pocket snuggly plus you could easily fit a folded changing mat and another nappy or two between the pockets when closed.

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