Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Ramblings for the day

I got the new Emilie Autumn album, 'Fight Like a Girl' and HOLY CRAP it's amazing. I've got it playing along with one of her other albums 'Enchant' as well as some IAMX, Imogen Heap and Monster Magnet....mmmm yes, I am one happy shmoogle bean right now!!!

I'm tapping into some new crafty goodness today and creating some more beautiful little gifts for my Handmade for Christmas Challange...It helps that I am a pathological hoarder and always seem to have everything I need or want on hand for creating with! Which is great! Because I have neither the money or the car to go in search of new supplies at the moment. Besides...with the amount of pure awesome I have stored in my craft room, I'd be crazy to think of adding to it before using up some of what I have. Although that's not saying I don't WANT to go buy new stuff....I ALWAYS love new stuff!! More wool, some new beads, a few more scraps of satin, and funnily enough a soldering iron! That would be insanely handy but ah well... make do right?

So check out the pretties I've done today!

I tried something new, I'd never made these before! They're so tiny, dainty and plain adorable! I know exactly who would love this little collection of birdsnest charms :o) They look large, but the biggest one is an inch across, and the smallest is only 2cm!
I only had one size wire on hand, and it was probably a bit too thick for this project; I ended up hurting my finger :( I strongly suggest doing what the nice lady says and use a 24 gauge or smaller! It makes life much easier!

And the other thing I've been working on today is a beautiful black italian wool wrap! I learnt the solomon's knot (celtic knot, lovers knot...or however you may know it by)...another crochet technique I've mastered! YAY! That makes me happy.

a few more rows to go yet, but it's fairly straight forward to work up :o) It's so light and delicate!

And in other news:
1. Periods COMPLETELY screw up diets. Looks like I get to start all over again tomorrow :(
2. I have a little photography thing this Saturday night and I am so EXCITED!!!!!! I'll share more on that later!
3. I've been in the mood to paint but have been completely stumped as to what. Ergo = I haven't done anything.

So that's basically me today, what about you? This bloated, cranky, PMS-ridden person of PAIN is signing out... til next time Quirky Beans! 

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