Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Perhaps I've found my direction

Firstly let me apologise for my bland writing today, my concentration has been on holiday recently and I'm not sure when it's planned on coming back... I really REALLY want to share this though so if you're there reading (hi there!) I'm sorry if this really boring! I know what I'm trying to say, it just rambles on a bit...

Sorry again! SO anyway:

Oh yes indeed I was busy :o) As you may know recently I set up my own teeny little page 'Pretty Things' to express to the world my love of drawing and passion for photography in the hopes that with enough practice, sometime soon I'll be able to start charging for sessions. Photography and art go hand in hand for me, of all the creative things I've tried, loved and either suceeded or failed at, drawing and photography have stuck with me through everything and been something that I've experienced a drive to continue doing nomatter what. Oh gosh I think it's love!! It awakens something in me that wants to push forward, to experience, to discover, to learn and essentially become so much of who I am that I could never be without. If you remember my post from a few months ago, I swore to continue doing what I love regardless of any other factors and although I've still experienced the same feelings that have made me want to give up, I keep thinking back and remembering why I started again in the first place.

I'm not entirely sure what posessed me to go with 'Pretty Things''s not overly creative. I guess at the time I thought it would do till I thought of something else. I have no idea why I drew such a difinitave line between that and my blogging. Why did I think they needed to be seperate? Who knows... my brain confuses me at the best of times. That's just the way your resident Quirky Bean is most of the time :o) You should know that by know, you're here reading it! haha! But anyway back to what I was busy with... Why not rename the page 'Quirky Bean Pencil Portraits and Photography'? TA DA! Instant relief from non-matching ventures! Ok yeah I admit that was driving me nuts more than anything........ so I've tied being the Quirky Crafting Shmoogle Bean in with my little venture, 'Quirky Bean Pencil Portraits and Photography' and now... I am happy :o)
I spent about 3 hours last night re-designing the page which, let me tell you, was A LOT of work! But I got there in the end and I am rather happy with how it looks! I used the same fonts and colours as I used when designing my blog and I love the way the two now tie in together (again IT MATCHES WOOOOO!)
There are only a few things that I still need to work out and probably need to do it soon (the lack of concentration isn't helping this matter). You know how I kind of ramble a lot here and the point of course being that I don't really have a direction in life or indeed much at all in general? I don't want my photography to be that way. I mean hey sure I can ramble all I like here... whether you read or not is your choice, you're not paying me for my rambling. Oh man I'm doing it again... (SORRY!! I told you it was gonna happen)
I need to sit down with a large sheet of paper, a pen and really truly have a think about the kinds of things I want to achieve from this. A brainstorm if you will of the directions I see myself going in, what kinds of photography services will I offer, at what price should I offer them, how much are my skills really worth, how much portfolio work should I do, how much of my time am I willing to commit to this? So as you can see there is a lot for me to go over... to be honest it is a little daunting, but again, that drive that so regularly sees me give up and go no further is there telling me that this is what I want, this is where I want to be.
Suppose that day will be today! It's not yet 10am, so that leaves me plenty of time to get to it!
I had another idea too... I'm not sure this will happen any time soon... but I am more thrilled at the opportunity to continue creating things and crafting and crocheting my heart out and working that into my photography. My head spins when I think of all those delicious props and things I could be working on in the future and storing in my very own studio room *sigh* what a life! Perhaps it's just a pipe dream, but we'll see right?

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