Sunday, 5 August 2012

Retro rollerblading, zombies and too many drinkies

Goodmorning guys!!
Be warned, it's a rambling post!

What a morning I've had! I forgot how much a few drinks affects me :p I only had 5 and I was so sick thismorning! Oh well...spose it has been a while :p I seriously needed the night out though, everything was getting to me the way everything usually does and it all just sort of melted away.. it was nice :o) Let's face it, every now and then you just need a drink or two. So to catch up on my weekend so far:

#1 My baked goodies were very well received on Saturday! It was a lovely little get together! It turns out my friend Tiffy is between 9-12 weeks pregnant :o) She is so excited to be a mum it was rubbing off on me a little!!

I love these! Whisk eggs, oregano leaves and cooked bacon bits together, poor into puff pustry inside a muffin pan. Bake for 30 minutes... TA DA! Except the wax paper stuck to them because I didnt have any greaseproof paper... so we ate a lot of it, but oh well :p

#2 Last night was Retro Rollin' in the 'Dale night at the indoor recreation centre... and I TOTALLY won best dressed!! I won a free movie pass, so that will be literally my ticket to Magic Mike next week tee hee! I most DEFINATELY suck at rollerblading....I'm not too keen on having wheels for feet but in saying that it had been about 12 years since I last gave it a shot, and I didn't fall over so I guess I wasn't tooooo bad. It was good exercise! I might head back next week and try and get a little better methinks... honestly I was embarrassing haha! It didn't help that a certain SOMEBODY kept skating past me making fun of me :p Then my hubby showed up and proved how awesome he was at the whole skating thing...and scared the pants of some poor girl on skates for the first time whom he whizzed past at some stupid speed. She squeeled and clung to the wall..It was a little funny.
This is the only photo I have of me before I went out...Im sure there will be more where I can show you my whole (prize winning hehe) outfit when the others upload their photos :D I went to Maccas for a coffee beforehand in my outfit... So many eyeballs look at you when you wear a swing dress in public!

And here is me taking a goofy shot of myself before I went to bed at midnight when I got home. Whilst drunk I had at the pub taken out my victory rolls and had super springy curlies..hehe! It was awesome!

#3 I will be finishing the AMAZING zombilicious prize for our 50 likers giveaway celebration today SQUEEEEEE I can't wait!!!!!!!! Stay tuned for that one peeps! I'll keep you updated on the fan page as to when that will happen.
#4 I seem to be coming down with a cold. I would attribute that to walking home in stockinged feet at midnight in an Armidale winter last night but I could feel it coming on yesterday morning, the walk probably didn't help though hey?
#5 I got woken up thismorning by the guy next door who decided that using a wood mulcher first thing on a Sunday morning was perfectly ok. GRRRRRRR man next door GRRRRR

 How was/is your weekend Beans??

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