Tuesday, 17 July 2012

My Inspirations ~ It begins... *buries head in hands*

It would appear that I've sparked a revolution amongst other quirky peeps and we're now on a group mission to be awesome! My goals turned out to be very similar (scarily similar, we think it's due to some form of mind control) to a pair of equally insane friends of mine Kimmy and Natalie whom I've known since the beginning of time (not that many of my friends AREN'T insanse, it's sort of a requirement) and so Ninja Sex Missiles was born! We now have our own page to plot our world domination! MUWAHAHAHA or, you know, to encourage each other in our own personal weight loss journeys and personal mods. That too :p As for the name... well perhaps staying up late on facebook chat throwing random name ideas into the mix was not the best option...in the end when we had run out of sanity and decent group names we somehow ended up with Ninja Sex Missiles. Suits me fine! Leave the world guessing I say! Does it sound a bit like a cult name or some kind of adult performance group? Maybe just a bit! LOL It's not... really *shifty eyes*

So anyway, as per yesterdays post where I talked about my vague plans and beginning my 5 month journey, I thought today I would talk about my inspirations. Would you believe me if I said I just woke up and suddenly decided 'I want to change my life'? Well that's pretty much how it went! And I just decided to go with it! And here I am! :o) It was beginning to dawn on me that a lot of my clothes weren't fitting and as I was sorting through my cupboard I found so many gorgeous summer dresses from last year that just looking at, I knew I'd have no hope of fitting into this summer. That really brought it home for me that come Summer, I wouldn't be able to hide in my long sleeves and jeans anymore. Not only would my clothes not fit but I wouldn't feel comfortable showing my arms and legs to the world outside my house; that's when I really knew that something HAD to happen to change that. I weighed myself yesterday and found that I'd put on a lot of weight since my Wedding last October when I'd worked so hard for the year beforehand to drop a dress size.  A year before my wedding I was 81kg, then last October I weighed 75kg which I was happy with, and now I weigh 85kg. As you can probably guess, that much gain in such a short period of time is not healthy for me.

I then had the idea that if I was going to really truly do this, I'd need to set myself a time frame and decided that 5 months from now, Christmas, seemed perfect. I'd be ready for the hot weather and I'd be ready to tackle the new year with a whole new vigour if I was successful. If I'm gonna change my weight, why not go ahead with some other little plans of mine to boost my sense of self while I'm at it! Very much a butterfly out of a cocoon effect! Have that hair cut and colour I've always thought about, get that tattoo I've wanted, work towards achieving my dreams through study and research...know where I need and WANT to be in 2 years time!

All I need to remember to give myself the motivation I need is:
  • Supanova Pop Culture Expo comes around again next year, and after having missed this year I am keener than ever to get there in 2013. I've been putting together ideas for a Steampunk cosplay and for me to feel comfortable, in character and gorgeous I need to get back to being a healthier weight for myself. SQUEEEE I can't wait for Supanova!!!!! Epic geek-fest!!
  • Again, the fact that it's going to get very hot very soon!
  • All those lovely dresses of mine that'd I love to be able to wear again..... *sigh* I'd incude photos but my damn camera still needs batteries :(
  • The fact that within the next few years hubby and I will start a family, I want to be physically and emotionally satisfied with myself before then.
  • Where will my career path lead me? Do I want to sit back and dream about the life I could have without taking steps towards it for the rest of my life? Not really! Not when what I want is within reach, I just need that all important plan of attack and off I'll go! I'll have to decide what my ideal career is first...

 ... so all I need now is to start! First things first I'm going to be setting a daily exercise plan for myself. I'm not going to start off too extreme because as we all know I have difficulty sticking to my commitments. I consider yesterday day one and today day two, both days I have dusted off my Wii Fit and gone through my yoga and muscle workouts for 30 minutes. It mighten't seem like much, but it's getting myself into a routine that I'm going to have the most trouble with. If I set myself a run to complete each day, I'll find a way to put it off...I won't find any socks, or it'll be too cold, or some other inane excuse. Starting small is the way to go...at least then I can feel like I've begun my journey. So for the remainder of this week all I'm going to do is work towards completing that 30 minutes each morning. If I do more, then great! Also this week I'm going to focus on keeping my nail biting habit at bay, so far so good!

Tomorrow there will be photos! You need to see me to understand why this is so important to me, so I'll be brave and take some 'before' shots....

Bring on tomorrow! WOOOOO!

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