Friday, 20 July 2012

'Before' photos... how I am right now.


I've had coffee so I feel a bit more enthusiastic hence time to write today's post!! I'm so much cooler on coffee...nevermind that it's 10pm at night SHHHHHHHHHHH I'll just play Lego Star Wars on the wii til it wears off


how is everyone going? I am now into DAY FIVE of my 'get awesome' plan and I am feeling great!! Just 30 minutes of exercise each day is making a huge difference to my moods (which are EXTREMELY erratic at the best of times) and this odd sensation which I'm prettier sure is motivation has snuck it's way back in!! HOORAH! So tonight I thought I'd recap a bit the past few days because really I've just been rambling and really not very coherent about my plans. I mean I ramble most of the time but not in a good way I guess? I dunno...
So i've scratched the whole trying to record what I eat thing because hey, I'm lazy and I'll never remember to do it everyday... also, recording exactly what kind of exercise I do is also a bit tricky BUT I will try that when I can be bothered making up some form of chart or something to put it all in. Right now though, you get to see me when I was 61kg (my ideal weight), what my preferred rate of weight loss is and what I look like now. If you run away screaming...I totally understand.

So, I've stolen this from Kimmy (hi kimmy! I've stolen your weight loss plan, just so you know :p ) as I would also like to lose 10kg by Christmas... I'm a smidge heavier than she.....ok so I'm like 4 kg's heavier... I've adjusted it slightly. To be perfectly honest, I'm cool if I get below 80kg's in the next few months and just work on it from there.. the weight loss I'm not TOO concerned about. I'm trying to focus on eating well, drinking LOADS of water and getting into a regular routine so that the weight takes care of itself and I am living a healthier lifestyle. I've also stolen Kimmy's idea of checking in with my weight on the 25th of each month, I agree, it totally works and seems fitting since I want to lose weight by Christmas.

My Mini Goals

25 August: 83kg
25 September: 80kg
25 October: 78kg
25 November: 77kg
25 December: 75kg

Ok so.... this is me at 61kg about 3 years ago. As you can see, I wasn't OVERLY skinny then, even as a size 10/12 I had curves. I was happy with my body weight then, I loved it! I am IN NO WAY wanting to lose my curves, I LOVE my curves. Just maybe a little less of them would be nice. And I don't think 61kg is the best weight for me now, but to be around 70kg would suit me fine ^.^

See? even at 61kg and a size 10 I still have my belly! But I was perfectly cool with that!

And this is me now..and please remember I am trying to be brutally honest about this and it's taken a lot of courage to show you these photos.

yup that's the truth of it!

UGH look at me!! :(
Now looking at my photos and seeing the harsh reality of it all has kind of killed my buzz (but I knew that was often do we look at ourselves this way?)...but there they are...for the world to see and now I have no more excuses but to be held accountable for my own health.

The first weigh-in is in five days from now... and from that point on things can only get better!

And I can do this.

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