Thursday, 26 July 2012

First goal weigh-in and measurements

So yesterday was the 25th of the month which means it's now weigh in and measurement time! I was uber busy yesterday and just didn't get a chance to get on the net but I have all the time in the world today so let's get into it shall we?

For the past week and a half I have been eating very healthily, no take away and all my meals have been low sodium, low fat and low or no carb based. As well as those changes, I've also switched to soy milk as regular milk makes me sick..I've known that for a while I just never cut it out for long enough to feel a difference. I haven't touched it since I started my healthy eating plan and my stomach is loving me for it! I've been eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds, proteins in moderation and at the correct portion size. I've even stuck to drinking plenty of and ONLY water aswell! That was another thing I needed to change... I've knocked out all soft drinks and sugary drinks out of my diet for the time being, and all in an all I think I've been doing pretty well!

I keep trying to remind myself of this!!
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EXCEPT for last night. Wednesday nights are our Trivia at the (one of them) local pub and usually wedges, sour cream and chilly sauce night. I went in with the resolve to have a salad, but, and knowing I shouldn't have, I ordered a burger and for the first time since I started my journey, where I'd worked so hard to resist it all, I ate everything I wasn't meant to :( Bread, butter, chips, bacon, egg, and sausage patty. I felt really really down afterwards because although it tasted nice, in my mind a salad would have tasted nicer as it would not have come with all the guilt and fat that my burger did
:( But I tell myself, and this is the truth, that it was one minor set back, and there was nothing to stop me going back to my eating plan in the morning. I can't refuse myself everything for the rest of my life, that's just silly. But I do need to learn that the choices I make are going to affect me, and I want them to affect me for the better.

So here we are... ready to check in with my weight and measurements for this month and then it's onto reaching the next stage of my journey! (I feel like recording measurements monthly is a good idea)

Weight when I began: 85kg
Current weight: 83.9kg YIPPEEEE!!!!
Goal weight for next month: 83kg I think that's achievable! :D

Waist: 86.5cm
Hips: 104cm
Thigh: 70cm
Calves: 43cm
Upper arm: 34cm
Chest: 107cm

But hey I haven't JUST been focusing on my weight loss stuff... I have been doing my usual crafty things too! :D And designing a few little possible tattoo ideas..but I'm not sharing those with you just yet :p

I've been making some quirky crafted christmas tags...tutorial on the way for these! :p
I found the first book in a series I've been missing for almost 4 years! I found it in a little second hand book store by chance! I did a public happy dance!

I bought a new sketch book <3
And I learnt how to do the crochet rib stitch and am currently making a nice thick and warm scarf for my grandfather :o)

What have you quirky beans been up to this week? Learnt any new crafty techniques? Tried anything new? Had success with your own weight loss journey? Share! :o)

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