Saturday, 21 July 2012

Watermelon...hmmmm watermelon crochet? Oh yeah!!

I was having a conundrum today, I had all this crafty mojo flowing through my veins but I was conflicted about what I wanted to do!! I have this problem A LOT... so many amazing ideas pinging around in my head and I can never pick one to do when I want to. I couldn't figure out if I wanted to sew, crochet, do some card crafting, draw... so thismorning when hubby and I went into town I made an executive decision, ducked into Big W and grabbed three balls of yarn. I have been UBER keen lately to crochet using watermelon theme colours as you might have guessed from my Pinterest pins! I LOVE watermelon it is by far the most amazing fruit in the world AND one of the most good lookin'! Seeing as it's pretty much winter here for 3/4 of the year, I figured adding another crochet hat to my collection wasn't going to hurt.... adding a hat in one of my fav colour combos and in honour of the best fruit in the world? Shazaam! Hell yeah!

so ta da!

Totally kawaii watermelon beret!

And now I am off to create a million other watermelon themed crochet delights for myself... because I can :p Did I mention that watermelon is the most amazing fruit there is? Watermelon applique hair clips, a hair bow, a headband maybe... hmmmmmm

I'll be posting with another update of my fitness journey tomorrow peeps, I hope I haven't scarred you all too much with my 'before' photos. Ohh and I am also dying my hair tonight too *does happy dance* nothing exciting, just a darker more even shade of brown. I'm saving the super cool hair til I reach my 'get awesome' goals as a reward..

til tomorrow lovelies!

9.02pm later that day......

I made up a pattern and created another one.... SQUEEEE i love such a nerd ;p

Ok NOW I'll leave you alone and check in again tomorrow...

nighty night!

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