Wednesday, 4 July 2012

An insomniac's guide to night time activities

I am an involuntary night owl at times, in that I stress out, over think, become anxious and low and behold! Can't sleep. I don't usually sleep well at night as it is, I wake frequently and don't tend to be able to sleep past about 7ish in the morning but since hubby is away this week sleep seems to be too far out of reach. It's so frustrating! Because I feel like the time spent awake should be time spent doing something practical! And of course, right now, as I am indeed awake and it is 11pm at night, I am thinking of productive things to do until I'm tired enough to sleep. Aside from being HUGELY creeped out by every little noise around me (and my dogs frequently going outside to bark) I am also pretty anxious and stressed at the moment. So, I am going to share with you my list of night time activities fellow sleep-deprived individuals! I think what's stressing me out most is that I have something important to do first thing tomorrow that I am dreading more than a little..which is just peachy to top the whole situation off! But anyway... here's the list!

  • Bake something! For example at the moment I am waiting for my yeast dough to rise so I can make apple and cinnamon rolls. I've never tried making my own before! I have a dinner date with a new friend tomorrow night and thought they'd make a nice winter dessert.  
  • Clean the kitchen... wipe down all the surfaces, sweep the floor and give it a good mopping...which is tricky to do by candlelight when your light has decided to kick the bucket.
  • Dust the loungeroom with your flourescent pink feather duster whilst singing Pink Cadillac.

  • Write a blog post of things to do whilst awake!
  • Put some low music on in the background to cover up those freaky little noises (I've opted for some nice Jazz thisevening!)
  • Make a nice hot sweet cup of tea, when you're stressed and wide awake, a cup of tea never goes astray. Especially if you have some of that lovely 'Sleepy Time' tea. I keep forgetting to buy some! I assume valium has the same effect, or being hit over the head with a bit of 2x4 but the tea is much more pleasant.
  • Get a colouring book. I have one with fairies in it. Yes I am aware that I'm 23 years old but nothing beats colouring something in! Seriously just try it.
  • Plan your outfit for the next day (or the current day, if you're past the 12am mark)
  • Troll the internet for things to read or watch. That's always a good one! I read some Interviews with the cast of TrueBlood, one of my guilty pleasure tv series'. Ps I watched episode 4, season 5 today... LOVED it!! Can't wait for next week!
  • Do all of the above with Futurama Season 6 playing in the background.
  • Find cute things to make for people at Christmas! I came across this super cute little Sloth Amigurumi crochet pattern and as my mum loves slothes I shall be making her one!
  • Do your folding and ironing whilst watching David Attenborough's 'Secret Life of Birds'
  • Play the Sims 3; create a Sim identical to yourself, build it a house like yours and make it stay awake doing menial tasks. Just a suggestion :p Why is it more fun to play with someone else's life than live our own sometimes? Who knows... but Sims is awesome! (to those who don't like the Sims, I don't want to hear about it! I do, so NERRRR NER NER NERR NERRR to you)
  • Colour your hair, forget you coloured your hair when you eventually fall asleep then wake up looking fabulous and under the impression that fairies did it for you during the night. Of course there is always the possibility that you might wake up with a face covered in dye and splotches all over your clothes from being too tired to dye your hair the night before so maybe don't do that one.  
  • Listen to some LapFoxTrax... it's like Vocaloids but different. If you don't know what I'm talking about, nevermind. If you do... how freaking awesome is it?!?! Ohh look it's now 1am! Hmm...
Well there's a list of things you can do whilst awake at night...some are productive, some are practical, some aren't but hey that's what I'm doing tonight so if it's good enough for me, I'm sure it's good enough for someone else. I do hope something on my list tickles another night-owls' fancy (wink wink haha!) but to be honest I hope you're all mentally stable people who get decent nights' sleep and don't need to be finding things to do.

Stay stress free people! I'm off to ice my buns!

Nighty night!

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