Monday, 16 July 2012

Stop being sad and be awesome instead!

Gee it's hard to focus on flushing my poor body of toxins when the house is full of leftover pizza, soft drink and lollies!! Or on the other hand maybe it's easier? I don't know, either way today is a strictly 'drink only water' day... I have been eating really REALLY badly lately (I don't even want to tell you what I've been eating as you will probably have the heart attack for me just reading about it) and I'm definately feeling it and just felt like a general 'flush out' was in order so that's what I'm doing. Remember last week when I mentioned on my fan page that I'd been doing some really out of character things lately? Well it turns out (and don't ask me how this happened) that I've resisted biting my nails for over a week now and they are actually growing really nicely! This mighten't seem like much of a deal to you but I have struggled with my nail biting habit for many many years so maybe...just maybe I'm on the right track to giving this one bad habit a swift kick in the hooha! I even dug out my only two little pots of gluggy nailpolish and painted my nails! I never paint my nails.... seriously.. like EVER mainly due to the fact that I had a long time ago consigned myself to have icky little bitten fingernails and stubby fingers for the rest of my life. I'm still going to have stubby little fingers but hopefully the nails will help that SLIGHTLY eh?

You know what else is extremely strange?? I wore lipstick yesterday. Not shocked?? Ok well let me explain a little; I don't really like to smile much in public or around people I dont know..or actually very much in general. The fact is that I have very very crooked teeth and I get very embarrassed showing them to others. I find myself covered my mouth with my hand subconsciously or not wanting to laugh..believe me it gets to me constantly! So for me to wear lipstick was a big suprise and to be honest I don't even know what bought it on. That's me wearing it up there in the photo on my blog header...(I've super-simplified my blog, I got tired of the slow loading time and trying to make it look appealing etc so I've just stuck with the basics) I guess lately I've been trying out some retro/vintage style hair do's and just that tiny change in my morning routine (actually doing something with hair in the morning that is instead of cramming it into a ponytail as usual) has boosted my self esteem enough that makeup seems to be coming onto the scene too! WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO?!?!?!!!!

AND on top of all that I've been making plans for myself! I have been in such a slump these past few months I hadn't even realised how inconsistent with myself I was being (I am the queen of procrastination but I'm doing even less than usual), how little I was caring about myself or those around me or ANYTHING in general! I don't know whether someone put magic mushrooms into my breakfast recently or whether I've been asleep for a week and am just dreaming but it would seem my 'get up and go' is back on the uptick *does happy dance* So yes, plans are being made and I am going to undergo a 'self-image kickstart' and get my happiness back. There are no fine tuned details or an exact plan of attack in place yet but I know what I want and when I want it by and that's good enough for me! It goes a bit like this:

By Christmas 2012 I will:
  • Lose the 10kg I've gained these past 6 months by completely revamping my eating habits and incorporating exercise back into my daily routine - I have been soooooo very very lazy these past few months and have hardly done any exercise whatsoever which is EXACTLY why all that weight I lost last year before my wedding came pelting back at me and launched itself back onto my body with vigour.
  • Have stopped biting my nails completely and be able to paint them in funky colours and patterns for the first time in my life!!!
  • Design and get my very first tattoo...time to put those drawing skills into action and take the plunge! I've heard that tattoos are much like Pringles, once you pop you can't stop! Except instead of popping you just get more tattoos. I think I'll be happy with just the one.
  • Make a big change to my hair. After much thought I've decided that my brownish/black long-ish thick mop of hair is coming off and a short white blonde pixie cut is taking it's place!!
  • Have a long hard think about the things that I truly enjoy, set some goals to achieve my career dreams...get qualified and go for it!

Sounds completely doable to me! And today I even started! I did 30 minutes of exercise thismorning (YAY ME!!!) and I am currently in the process of planning out meals for the next two weeks and doing some research for metabolism boosting snacks and other healthy bits and bobs. I have some amazing ideas for the tattoo that I'd like, and I've found my hair inspiration! WOOOHOOOOOO I'm excited!!! Although you are probably, at this stage thinking... 1. that's great for you, what's it going to do for me? 2. where the heck are the pretty pictures in this post and 3. How are you reading my thoughts?

Well in answer to question number one, you will be able to follow my journey every step of the way AND even get to look at my fat lumpy bits and possibly point and laugh at them! Why? Because I've gone insane and am going to include photos of my weight loss progress, I want to be accountable for my actions (or lack of) and if I'm successful, I want for you to feel inspired and gain courage to do the same :o) In answer to question number two, the batteries in my spunky camera kicked the bucket so no photos to make this post less text-y and boring today :( and as for question number three? Well...I like to think it's because I am just THAT awesome.

Stay tuned quirky beans!!

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