Thursday, 19 July 2012

Starting my new healthy eating plan today!!

It feels soooooooo good to be up and active again! Man it's been forever! So we're into Day Four of my 5 month Get Awesome plan... I really should create an actual count down for that, I haven't even bothered to find out how many days that is... meh, I'll do it later! I have been exercising consistantly for four days in a row now and I feel like I'm... wait...a whole 4 steps closer to being tankin'. Hmm, that's a little depressing. Damn our generation for having short attention spans and expecting things to happen sooner -_-

So my wii tells me I am obese which kinda annoys me, if 85kg is obese...the whole world is pretty well screwed and whatever-the-next-bracket-over-obese is. But anyway, while obese is probably a little extreme, it's a nicer way of saying 'hey, last time you weighed yourself you were 10kg's lighter you fat lazy bum!' right? Oh yeah! And I did mean to have some photos of myself up pre-this diet thing yesterday but I went to the pub for Trivia night, drank beer and ate a massive plate of wedges instead. Redundant? Perhaps.... a kind of 'last supper'... let's just call it that.

Last night I went shopping and formulated a low calorie (but suprisingly still tasty) meal plan for myself for the next fortnight. Now, we ALL know how hopeless I am at sticking to things (call it a fear of commiting and THEN failing) so I'm not going to tell you what my whole two week plan is, but rather day by day instead. So, with that said, today's plan is:

Wish me luck peeps!

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