Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sunday's Suck

I hate this weekend.... I especially hate today, Sunday. Why? Because I get REALLY hungry and I'm not allowing myself my usual weekend binge. Therefore this weekend sucks. BIG TIME. Yesterday was ok, I did my 30 minutes of exercise, I ate well (although I didn't drink enough water) and it was generally a good day.... although exercising whilst my hubby made himself bacon and eggs wasn't too great, but I got through it. I've stuck to my guns and eaten clean for the past 4 days! Not a slice of bread, butter, fast food, sugary drink or any kind or anything high in sugar or carbs has graced my stomach! I've been munching on my healthy muffins, eating plenty of fruit (mostly oranges, I'm training myself to eat sweet fruits instead of actual sweets), calorie balanced meals and the correct servings of protein. Just then I made up a pot of yummy clear vegetable soup for my lunch with plenty for tomorrow and for tonight's dinner I'm having chicken and rice noodle asian broth.

It's simple! Vege stock in water, bring it to the boil, add corn kernals, snow peas, cauliflower and carrot, simmer until vege's are just tender and done!

Now back to why I hate today..... today is usually computer games/cards/Risk/whatever day with friends of ours and normally we have pizza for dinner with Coke and loads of sugar. Not for me though...this is the first Sunday that I must resist that cheesy goodness and stick to my plan instead. But in saying that, everytime I think about that delicious pizza, I tell myself that pizza is nice yes, but given that I normally eat a whole one to myself... all I need to do is stop and think about what's IN that pizza and my resolves strengthens again. Then I think about how much exercise would be required to work off a pizza, and then I think about the oil and hey presto! I don't want it anymore! If that wasn't enough, I guess looking back at my 'before' photos would do the trick too. Why do I still hate today then? Because it'll be in the same room as me smelling amazing :,( I know, I'm just having a whinge but I'm entitled to it damnit! Going five days on lots of fruit and vegetables and no junk food when I was used to it so often is REALLY hard for me :(

I've also been making a set of crochet watermelon coasters to distract myself from wanting to binge. Im still thinking about binging but I doubt I'll do it. It's only a week into my 5 month plan, it seems so hard and my goal seems so far away!!!!!!!

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