Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Sisterhood of the Travelling Poptarts! My El Paso Care Package

I don't know if you are aware...but I, until recently, had never eaten a poptart! I know it's shocking, but please...remain calm!

I'd heard of them, I'd seen them at the specialty lollyshop in town but I'd never actually bought some and eaten one! Then one night I had a massive desire to eat one, went into town, bought one, ate it and LOVED IT!!!!! A good friend of mine, a fellow blogger and one amazing lady Jessi, couldn't believe that I'd never tried one before that point! There is of course the small fact that I am in Australia and she in America and that poptarts aren't so readily available over here...well they are...but HOLY COW are they expensive! So upon hearing of my desperate plight to have poptarts, and upon deciding that my life would not be complete until I widened my cultural food parameters (poptarts count as food right?) she made up her mind to send me a care package! I told you she was amazing :o) A person I've never met offered to send me a care package from all the way over in El Paso, Texas!!! HOW AMAZING IS THAT!!!!! AND GUESS WHAT ARRIVED THISMORNING!!!!

I decided to wait to open it whilst I was putting together this post...and I just can't stop looking at this huge box on my kitchen table! I'm just so excited and happy!

Jessi and I met in an online Blogging Ladder support group, we found we had a lot in common (partners in a Defence career, our mutual love for coffee and Pinterest, DIY and crafty things!), we became Facebook friends and it just kind of took off from there really! I asked her once if she could trade places with anyone, anywhere for a week if she could and Jessi answered 'with you!' and maybe one day we'll have the opportunity to do a country swap! Jessi can come visit Down Under and experience Australia for herself and I can take off to the US of A and do some exploring of my own! If you love your coffee and want to find out more about Jess and her adventures, you can check out her blog here Ramblings of a Caffeinated Army Wife .

I open the box and look what's inside!!!!! WOW!!!!! As I look down at this box I notice that I've not only been sent Poptarts (Strawberry Milkshake flavoured!!!!) but a whole heap of other treats too! I'm stunned! I've never seen most of these things before and it is such a thrill to be looking down at all these amazing boxes of yummy gifts! This is so much better than Christmas!

Then I stop to realise how much effort and money has gone into this from a perfect stranger and I feel so overwhelmed that someone so far away, living in another country, living their own life has gone out of their way to put this together just for me and I can't help tearing up a bit!!


So I guess at this point you want to know what is in that box? Well......
Opening the box and not sure what I'll find inside.... at this point I'm giggling like mad!
It's a treasure chest!!!!

I certainly will!! How incredible!!!
just look at all that!!!! I begin taking each thing out and marvelling at it! A lot of what's in this box is completely new to me and I'm already thinking up Aussie versions of these treats to send back in return!
MMMMMMM YUM I love strawberry licourice!!!! Good choice Jessi!
ohh... yum? lol I've never tried this before! I'm assuming it's similar to Spam?
Peppermint and dark chocolate pieces! Ohhhhhh! These look good!
And this is only half of it! What an amazing selection!! Jessi how did you guess I had so much of a sweet tooth!

WAAAA?! Reese's make CEREAL!! *does happy dance!!*

Oh now you're talking! These look good!!

And of course.... THE POPTARTS!!! :D And Jessi hasn't included just one flavour but three! YUMMY!!
These look interesting!

Wild Cherry Lollipops!! My favourite kind!

WOWZA right! This incredible act of kindness has reaffirmed my belief that it is completely possible for two people who have never met to find friendship and that doing something to benefit another human being with no thought of reward still exists in this mixed up muddled up world. And one other thing too... food has the amazing capability to bring people together! I'm off to think up some ideas of what I can refill this box with when I send it back :o)


  1. Yay!!!!! I am so glad everything survived the trip! :)

    1. It certainly did!! Thankyou so so much!! Now it has to survive me eating it all NOM NOM NOM NOM

  2. Oh my, I need someone to send me those treats too! LOL

    1. It's amazing isn't it! So many tasty things in that box I think my taste buds have gone into over drive! Best thing to arrive in the mail EVER in my opinion! :D

  3. That was a HUGE box of goodies, your pics just added to the excitement of it all. Thanks for sharing!
    Bobbie Anne

    1. It was MASSIVE! I think Jess bought me a whole supermarket :p
      Thanks for commenting! I appreciate it :)

  4. Fabulous! What an amazing treat :)


Thanks a bunch of bananas for the comments lovelies! I sure do appreciate it you spunky thing you :o)