Monday, 3 September 2012

What this Bean has been up to today...

You know those days when you feel uber illiterate and can't really compose any kind of interesting/amusing/informative posts? That's me (most of the time) right now... so let's make this quick, painless and full of photos. Here's what I did today...

1. I drew a unicorn and then photoshopped (well...Gimp-ed) him (or her) into one of my landscape photos as per the request of another ultra Quirky Bean (you know who you are missy!) I have brilliants schemes to insert fairies and dragons and things into all my photos MUWAHAHAHAHAHA

2. I took some rather fascinating photos of some dandelions in my backyard. They're {HERE} if you wanna go have a looksee!

3. I'm about to go into crochet-mode and make oodles of new props for my new little photographic venture.

Aaaaand last but definately not least, and in fact the best part of my day.... my most amazing and wonderful friend Bec bought me the one album I've been searching for since I had it on tape as a child, the album I used to listen to and daydream about sandy shores, the one I used to play when I couldn't sleep :o) 'Coral Sand' by Med Goodall... it's beautiful and has so many happy peaceful memories associated with  it...I hope she knows how truly happy she has made me! Bec, I love you dearly!

oh oh oh oh oh!!! And my partner in crime is posting me her crochet flowers to be incoorporated into my crochet flowers and this week my friends, I yarn bomb an unsuspecting tree. More details on that later!

Crochet hooks engage!
Quirky Bean over and out!


  1. Ooooh! Your yarns look super tasty. The photoshopped unicorn is awesome, too!

    1. Oh they are delicious indeed! ;) I almost don't want to crochet with some of them in case I don't do the pretty colours enough justice! hehe

      Thanks for popping by! I really am a fan of your artworks, every time I see them I imagine how wonderful they'd look in a kids book!

  2. Nice stash, mine is jealous and asking why it can look so neat!
    By the way, I nominated you for the Sunshine Award! Come over and check it out,

    1. Hehe oh you should see my 'real''s crammed into a cupboard...these are my specialty yarns and are so neat because they're so new ;)


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