Thursday, 20 September 2012

Locked out...

I locked myself out of the house today, like the smart cookie that I am. So logically I went down to Salvos and picked up a crochet hook and some wool, walked back home and sat in the yard making granny squares for a while until Hubby came home with a key and let me back in.

Completely unimpressed (yet not suprised) by my own stupidity...
p.s new hair! You like?

But it's ok!

I mean it's a nice day so I guess it isn't sooo bad
At least it's not hailing like the past two afternoons...

Ta da!
In the event of no scissors to cut yarn, the edge of a brick works almost as well!
Yarn saves the day!
That will teach me for not packing my crochet...OOPS I mean my key into my handbag won't it! ;)



  1. Beautiful squares Tasha <3

    1. Haha thanks! Not a bad way to pass the time for a 50 cent find at the local oppy!


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