Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Tartan Hair Bow

The simplest and sweetest of hair accessories - the hair bow! And what makes it even cuter?? Being made in tartan of course! It's really easy, all you do is:

Gather your supplies
  • a needle and thread
  • a 9cm length of ribbon
  • a glue gun
  • your choice of hair clip
  • a piece of tartan fabric, 15 x 22cm

Fold both sides your fabric horizontally into the centre, overlapping slightly.

Then fold both ends into the center, again overlapping the ends slightly.

Next, pinch the middle of the bow together and fold in either side to the middle like an accordian fold. It will look like this :o)

Thread your needle through the middle once or twice to secure the bow together.

Tie off thread. Dab glue in the centre and wrap your ribbon around the stitching.

Attach it to your chosen hair clip!

Wear it!


  1. That is so cute, and a panicked when I saw there was sewing involved. I can handle one or two stitches though.

    1. Thankyou!! :o)

      You can actually cheat and just glue it together too :p Skip the sewing all together!

  2. I love the bow! I make some on occasion using hot glue, but yours look a lot better. :)


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