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Jwan Jordan Comic Book Poster Giveaway!

Have you grown up reading comic books or watching the shows about comic book characters on TV? I can remember reading and watching shows about comics growing up! I still love them now! This giveaway is hosted by Jwan Jordan Comics! Jwan is a self publishing author for comic books.

His comic books are good for all ages! You do not need to worry about your children reading his comic books because he gears them toward children and makes them all family friendly!

These comic books are also priced reasonably so you do not need to worry about them costing you an arm and leg!

Are you curious what his comics are all about!? I bet you are!!! Come check out all about them!!!
Affairs of the Mind (AOTM):
Tells the tale of Rose Wood, our humble hero of the story, with a big mission on her hands. Rose is a regular teen with a very peculiar gift, as she has a broken halo that floats over her head that only she, and a few special others, can see. Rose soon discovers that whenever she does a good deed for someone in who needs help, her halo repairs itself. Intrigued by this strange phenomenon, she embarks on an mission to help all those she can. The only problem is that Rose is the most unpopular girl in high school and no one wants help from her! Thus a very comical and peculiar quest begins for little Rose Wood.

Affairs of the Mind Chibi! (AOTM-C)
Affairs of the mind Chibi is more focused towards a very young audience.
AOTM-C stars little chibi Rose Wood in her many adventures of helping her friends while learning a valuable lesson about friendship, love and a variety of wholesome moral lessons. Staying true to children entertainment AOTM-C is a book that parents can read to their kids and enjoy while learning and fun lesson. Enjoy!
A bit about Jwan!
Tell me a little about yourself.
 My name is Jwan Jordan. I was born in Flint, Mi. Shortly after my birth my father, an experienced martial artist, moved my family to Hollywood and began his career as a stuntman.  While growing up in L.A. I spent a lot of time inside the Walt Disney Art Department where I got to watch a lot of iconic Disney characters being drawn right before my very eyes.  Needless to say it was that moment that inspired me to want to create comics.

What is your big dream or goal with your comics?
 My true dream is have a Saturday morning cartoon for kids. Similar to Ben 10 and cartoon network series that are fun to watch and I would like to add an education message at the end of each cartoon like back in the 80's when cartoons were really good and wholesome.

What has influenced you in some way?
 I'm a 1980's kid so a lot of its effects  rubbed off on me.  I grew up with Hulk Hogan telling me to “Eat my vitamins, say my prayers and stay in school!”  I grew up with watching the Tick, G.I. Joe, and ton of other oldies but goodies and I just remember this childish awe of loving these charcters that always seemed to provide me with entertainment and  wrap up the show with a positive message that I could take away from it afterward. Its that type of world that influenced me as a kid and I would like to bring that back.

Where can people find them?
 You can find my books on ( or contact me on Facebook or

Prize 3 Winners US ONLY:
(1) 11×17 Color Poster
(1) 11×17 Black and White Poster
(1) 11×17 Animated Poster

May 27 12:01AM EST- June 10th 11:59PM EST

Who Can Enter:
Legal US Residents 18+

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