Monday, 14 May 2012

Owl coffee cup cozy 'Pin-Win!'

Remember last week I suggested that you and I find a project we've always wanted to try on Pinterest and give it a go? Well, I admit I didn't actually finish it last week as planned, I got a little sidetracked with my DIY Book Binding project (it's like that isn't it? I can never just do one project at a time!)... I finally completed my pin-win! I wanted to make something like this as a gift for my aunt (who recently went to see PRINCE live in Sydney with my mum!! ...soo jealous)

Source: via Tash on Pinterest

Not wanting to copy this idea too closely, it isn't my design after all, I used the cup-cozy idea and the owl theme to create my own and came up with this for a takeaway coffee cup instead. They're apparantly really great for keeping your drink warm longer and also so you don't burn your fingers....although if you're coming into winter like we are the moment you need all the heat you can get!

So this is my cup-cozy in was very simple! I got a nice small soft wool/ribbon blend wool for only $2 (and didn't use half of it!) and hdc'd a rectangle to fit around a standard coffee cup. Next all I did was sew the ends together, crochet two circles for eyes and a small triangle for a beak, tie two little tufts of yarn in each corner for ears and made up a pair of wings. Isn't he cute?

Alas I don't have a nice hot coffee in a takeaway cup to model him on (I would LOVE one right now though!!)

So what about you? Did you have a pin-win this week? Link up and share! :o)

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