Monday, 21 May 2012

Life Pains and no more Supanova ~ great photos though!

Hello everyone! Tash here, well at least I think I'm here... all those pills and medications I've had to be on this past week I don't know if I'm feeling completely myself...but I missed blogging so I've popped in (yes, the internet is a place one can 'pop' popping in to a cafe for a coffee but not as tasty) to say hello and fill you in a little. I've developed a rather nasty infection in my lower right wisdom tooth and the pain of it has knocked a fairly large chunk of time out of my life... a whole week seems to have gone by in a painful blurry haze and I can't say I'm out of the woods yet and won't be for a while to come unfortunately. After having difficulty swallowing and eating, having pain in my tongue, in my gums and my jaw for three days constant I went to see the dentist. I was so EXCITED to go!!! When is anyone EVER excited to go to the dentist??? You know it's bad when that starts to happen! I was in the dentist's office literally for 2 minutes, all he said was that the offending tooth definately needs to come out (at which point I lost all my enthusiasm and my knees felt weak). I knew that was going to be the case but never having any kind of surgery before I was more than a little scared (and still am!) I've got an appointment for an X-ray this Thursday and after than I can arrange to make an appointment with a surgeon in Tamworth (about 2 hours out of Armidale).  My mental health and risk of panic attacks means that I will need to be completely anaethetised for the procedure which OF COURSE ups the price.

My teeth have been the main cause of my physical health problems for a very long time and it's probably safe to say that there is much more that needs doing than just a tooth removal. I have very compacted teeth meaning that my jaw is very overcrowded and needless to say I have very wonky teeth. I also tend to grind my teeth in my sleep aswell so a few little cavaties and cracks have sprung up due to that and most of the teeth are very sharp as a result of the grinding. The X-ray is going to tell me all four of my wisdoms need to come out and I am FREAKING out!! The cost is staggering, but it has come to the point now where I can't keep putting it off. My parents couldn't afford to have my wisdoms taken out when I was younger or for braces, and to be honest my husband and I can't really afford it either. We really don't know how we're going to handle this, or what is in store for us financially. We barely get by week to week as it is, a large chunk of money needed for dental surgery simply isn't there! We have no savings, and the small amount of money I contribute isn't nearly enough to cover even a fragment of the cost *sigh* such is life though I suppose!
So that's what is going on in our lives at the moment, not the highlight of our year but we make do. All this has also meant that my husband and I have had to cancel our trip to Sydney for Supanova next month which was supposed to be our one little trip away for the year. We're both pretty shattered and dissappointed. I am left with feelings of guilt for my teeth being responsible even though I know  can't exactly help it. And all my enthusiasm for my Dr Who Scarf crochet project has melted away, I was so looking forward to wearing it! On the bright side I guess this means I have until next year to finish it instead of next month. We'll just have to reshuffle our plans to take our trip next year instead.
So after spending an entire week in almost constant agony, yesterday I decided I'd had enough of the pain getting to me, took my painkillers with me and ventured outside to go on a photo-taking frolick to cheer myself up. And I have to say, while the drugs were working, hubby and I had a great few hours outside at 'Blue Hole', a local nature reserve climbing rocks down the river! That afternoon when I got home though the pain from the exertion came rushing back but it was definately worth it! Today I am DEFINATELY not feeling very chipper but I had to get out of the house...check out some the photos! We do love our mini-adventures together! :o)

My husband is a better rock climber than I am! I blame it on my short legs

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