Thursday, 10 May 2012

Happy birthday to my darling husband!!

I thought I'd better pop in and make a quick post, it's been a few days and I was beginning to miss it! I have a busy day ahead of me, lots of cleaning and dinner prep for tonight. It happens to my husband's 26th birthday today so Im making homemade fettucine alla carbonara Lygon Street style! We both love this recipe, it's so delicious! It's from my 'Lygon Street' Cookbook by Michael Harden by far the best cookbook for dinner party meals I own (until I one day have my hands on Heston's 'The Very Fat Duck' Cookbook, at which point my life will be truly complete!!). It's full of traditional Melbourne Lygon Street recipes which are of course Italian and so divine! Tonights dinner is full of parmesan cheese, pasta, bacon and loads of cream so not for the health nuts! We have 3 people coming for tea so in my tiny kitchen I am going to be one crazy cook this afternoon. Before then though I unfortunately have the task of vacuuming all the dog fur off our couches...I bathed both the fur babies yesterday and brushed them to within an inch of their lives and they are STILL moulting. Doesn't make any sense considering it's winter...shouldn't they be keeping their fur?? Oh well...needs to be done anyway! Darn housework!

Our little Sparrow despite being clean and brushed, insists on sitting outside in the dirt right after his bath! Dogs will be dogs!
Last night I made my hubby a lemon cake, his favourite with a zesty lemon cream cheese frosting (YUMM) and now I just have to refrain from testing a piece until tonight :o)
And now I think I really need to get into the jobs that need doing today and stop procrastinating! But first I need to embarrass my husband so darling these are for you!

Happy Birthday sweetheart!

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