Friday, 4 May 2012

Attack of the mystery illness....AGAIN!

Excuse the fuzzy phone-photo! I got tired of having cold fingers everytime I blog so I'm crocheting myself a pair of fingerless gloves :o) By the feels of it, I'm going to need to crochet myself a warmth-bubble to live in....this winter is going to be a cold one!!!
I was up at 4am thismorning sitting in the bathroom in the freezing cold with my mystery sickness that seems to have made a reappearance! I couldn't believe it! I was happily asleep then all of a sudden the eyes snap open and I'm making a beeline for a bucket! (pleasant isn't it? sorry!!) And then I spend the next 45 minutes completely unable to move and waiting for the horrible sickness to pass. It was AWFUL!!! I have no idea what caused it, my stomach was cramping, I was dead tired, I was so upset and uncomfortable. Eventually after having to wake up my husband so he could keep an eye on me and bring me a blanket, I was feeling stable enough to crawl back into bed and I must have fallen back asleep. Thismorning when I woke up at 10.30am (I NEVER sleep in, I must have been pretty beat!) I was left with a tight feeling in my stomach and feeling very queasy.

Fingers crossed it doesn't come back tonight!! Whatever it was O.o

So today I am taking it very easy, under a blanket on the lounge with my puppies watching Doctor Who with a large glass of water :o) Not a total loss of a day at least! I do feel a little quilty that it's sunny outside for the first time in a week and I have a tonne of washing to get through and I just can't physically get up and do it ....GRRRRRRR

Oh my I'm sorry! What I boring post! Well I can at least, while I'm here and coherent, show you what our next crafty tutorial will be for :o)

This is a really cute and gorgeous handmade card idea I came up with whilst playing with a little crochet flower and some paint! Hopefully this weekend when I'm feeling better I can do the tutorial and get it published for you :o)

For now though, it's back to the lounge for me! I hope all of you Quirky Beans are happy and healthy!

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