Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Addicted to Earwarmers..another Pinterest Procrastination and more unfinished projects!

I am sitting at home bored and restless and undecided between being hungry, not being hungry or being a bit naseaus (I hate when I get into this state) This is of course a craft (most of the time) orientated blog and there is actually very little of my creations shown! Well, I've set about to remedy this... what good is a blog without a million photos of pretty handmade things to look at and maybe inspire you? :p

As you may know I have recently learnt to crochet... this has led to the completion of some really lovely projects I never thought I'd be able to do! One of those projects being how to make crochet earwarmers/headbands... Now that I know how, I just can't stop! I've already made myself one with some 'practice' wool I had around the place, and decided I should make myself another one in nicer wool. I have nearly completed this one, it's a lovely purple colour and the flower will eventually be ivory and purple layered. I'll be well prepared for winter when it eventually rolls around (still summer and it is soooo still and hot tonight!). 

Maybe I should finish it tonight while the hubby is out... it's always a good excuse to whack on a favourite movie! I have a few other projects I have yet to finish!

Like these hardly-started pair of baby booties!

sorry the photos aren't the right way around, Blogger doesn't want to upload them properly tonight!

Or this single crochet (and a very slow increase with a 3.5mm hook!!) baby beanie I started yesterday (isn't the wool gorgeous! Im a sucker for those multicoloured yarns!) 14 rows down, probably another 5 to increase and then I can finish the length! Painstaking, but it'll be worth it!

I also have a half finished white wool ribbed knitted scarf to finish, and a divine soft pink crochet scarf aswell. I'm such an old lady, both those projects are in my bedside drawers, I knit and crochet before bed each night! I find it very relaxing :)

OR I could just continue browsing through Pinterest at all the lovely crochet ideas I'd love to try...

Source: via Nike on Pinterest

How cute is that!?! And hey! It matches my earwamers!!

These are soo sweet!

Source: via Angelica on Pinterest

Don't mind all the baby themed crochet...I'm a bit clucky at the moment!

LOVE that wreath!!

Source: via Chantal on Pinterest

Source: via Chantal on Pinterest

Ok...I shall tear myself away from my laptop and actually get to work trying out some of these amazing ideas! I'd better finish my unfinished projects on hand first though :p


  1. wow...really beautiful, aren't they?!!

    1. They are!! I wish I had more crochet skills to try them out!


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