Thursday, 1 March 2012

Mums out there I need your help!

Don't you hate being sick and not knowing what's wrong with you? And then knowing you have to wait a week to see a doctor about it! This is a purely a girly blog post (not that I suspect many men would read a blog as flowery and pink as mine but I may be suprised!).... maybe the mummies out there could help?

It's like this... I have had little to no appetite for about a month, I can eat but it has to be a certain food otherwise I feel naseous and really rather ill. I have an insane sense of smell at the moment, and I mean I can pick up the smell of our neighbours dog poo 2 doors down! My tummy has been in a world of bloatedness and a constant 'full feeling' (which I am getting so sick of...I like my food! It's awful not being able to eat!) and when I do eat, it's not as flavourful as it would normally be. My poor chest feels like lead and I want to burn my bra it's so irritating. On top of all this, I missed my you know what last month! I never ever ever miss a month, so this is all a first! I also have almost no memory of day to day activities, but im like that all the time so it's not really a symptom!

Do you hear the usual prognosis ticking over in your mind too? Of course, the first thing I thought was oh my, mabye I could be pregnant! I did take a HPT but as it's only a few days after my usual you know what would have ended I think it's too early to really know. What do you think?

I have a doctors appointment for Monday, at which they will most send me for a blood test and then we'll know for sure! And let me tell you, it would be A BIG relief to know either way, mostly because a lot of my symptoms could also mean something is not right with my overies or worse. It's so weird, it's so uncomfortable and it's so confusing! I'm such a half glass empty person when it comes to my health, if something isn't right I assume the worst. I have been to the docs with bloating before, and they attributed it to certain foods, but this feels different.

I also have the occassional mild cramping, no spotting, no sign of Aunt Flow at all! Even my usual old faithful cry-the-night-before-you're-due sign that I ALWAYS have happen seems to have bypassed me this time!

So...opinions? Make me feel a little better until Monday!

Oh and on a side note, I finished my current crochet project :) Might start another one just to distract myself!


  1. I love distracting myself with projects!

    1. Except I'm a procrastinator, so I start 3-4 projects to distract myself and still don't finish them! lol I could probably crochet a blanket between now and Monday with my stress levels haha

  2. Sometimes yes, it can be to early to pick up the pregnancy hormone. Is there a chance you could be preg? Your symptoms do sound like it but than again do you have any thyroid issues? My middle daughter has hypothyroid and polycystic ovarian disease (she is 20) and her cycles are not normal. Wait for the lab results stay calm, because if you have thyroid issues or polycystic ovaries than chances are they may put you on thyroid med and birth control to get you regulated. If the blood preg test comes back negative maybe ask them to check for thyroid and polycystic ovarian disease. this is tested by testing hormones in your blood and easily treated. I know I was no help because it sounds like it go either way. I am no Dr either, I am just speaking on behalf what we went through with my daughter. Good luck! sending Love and light your way.

  3. There is a chance I could be yes.. I've been tested for thyroid and its all perfectly normal, and my monthlys are never more than 2-3 days off from month to month. I thought maybe it could be polycystic overies too, I am so worried either way! Thankyou for your advice :) I'm just trying to gain a bit of perspective on the matter, I mean if my eggo is preggo then it will be a lovely suprise! :)


Thanks a bunch of bananas for the comments lovelies! I sure do appreciate it you spunky thing you :o)