Tuesday, 14 February 2012

"Learning to crochet" photos...it's a slow process!

Hey it's Valentines Day!! That snuck up fast this year! It's going to be Easter before we know it :S I hope wherever you are and whoever you are with you find love in today and if no one else spoils you, spoil yourself! My hubby bought me a puppy as a pressie today, although we don't pick him up until Saturday...he is a mini foxy x shitzu and is the sweetest little thing!! I am baking him (my husband, not the new puppy) his fav dessert, lemon meringue pie and we will be indulging in our usual tradition for dinner tonight...Hungry Jacks on plates (soft drinks in wine glasses) by candlelight! This tradition sprang from the first anniversary of our meeting, I had just moved towns and had just left my job, he was working casually and we were too broke to do anything, so we went and got fast food, bought it home and served the sauce in Maxwell Williams china, had burgers and chips on plates with a knife and fork and ate by candlelight and it was the most romantic and relaxing dinner date I have ever been on! We have kind stuck to that tradition ever since =)

Do you remember me telling you I had never done this before and had no one to teach me but the internet? And also that I would show you every progress photo and you wouldn't laugh? Well..I am keeping my end of the deal, now you have to keep yours! haha!

This is me trying to decifer the whole 'make a chain' thing....and failing the first time. Unbelievable I know!! Those of you who know how to do it are probably shaking your heads right about now!

Second try... chain success!! A bit wonky, but still!!

Next I mastered the chain and the single crochet and made a long length of grey with no real purpose but to practice :)

My first attempt at making a circle!

And then I found a video tutorial for a beanie that was for beginners and started from the rim instead of the top.... it didn't say anything about making sure the ring was flat and I put a twist in it and had to start again...however, I then ended up with this:

It is supposed to be a rectangle!! At this point I was frustrated but still not giving up! When I decide I want to learn a new craft skill...the OCD in me absolutely MUST try it until I am satisfied. Ok so I'm not yet satisfied but I will be!!

So I picked up my wool again and double half crocheted this little 'rectangle' which is quite obviously not a rectangle... ok so at this stage....YES I am thinking about giving upnd throwing it out the window, and blowing it up, then digging a hole, burying what's left of the wool and blowing it up again BUT I kept at it! I have decided that straight lines are not my thing, things that go round in a circle, I just can't do yet but I really enjoy the process of crochet as I find it very relaxing so what did I do? I gathered up all my odd balls of wool, different sizes and all! And proceeded to crochet them together in one long very uneven length which I have decided shall be my scarf for the coming winter.

I've discovered you can tidy up the sides of the scarf later when it's finished, so I'm not too concerned with how neat it is, I'm just happy it hasn't spontaneously combusted, or fallen to bits on me already or some other disastrous accident! And you know what, although the balls of wool were partly given to me, partly collected and partly found in my stash, I am really loving the way they go together! This is a very 'Me' scarf after all! And if anything, I know how to do a half double crochet!!

If I have enough wool left, I am going to attempt a matching beanie, but we'll see about that :p

Right now though, I'm off to get some housework done for the arrival of our new fur baby! Our current dog Toby was such a placid puppy, he never pulled on/ate/ripped apart/destroyed anything he wasn't supposed too..but we can't expect every little puppy to be that way! I'd better hide my wool!

Oh!! And tomorrow I will be participating in 'Wordless Wednesday' for the first time :) I'll have no idea really what I'm doing but you gotta start somewhere!

-Tash Xx

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