Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Learning to crochet! (sort of!)

SOOOOO I was grocery shopping with the hubby last night and we went past the end of the aisle that has all wool, scissors, buttons, irons etc in it and I saw there were two sizes of crochet hook so I picked one off the shelf and chucked it in the trolley! I'd always wanted to learn, I've bought many lovely things online in the past few months (my gorgeous ladybug beanie, my custom made earwarmers and a few lovely little crochet flowers) and it's just one of those skills that are so versatile! Then of course I bought it home, (after losing it already in a bag! It's so small!) sat it on the dining room table and thought 'now what?'. I had absolutely no idea what to do or where to start! Never having been shown or taught as a child (I taught myself to knit too!) I went looking for an artificial grandma a.k.a an instructional internet sight and found the perfect one!! It's right HERE is you want to check it out :) It is just what I needed!

So after realising I had the wrong sized hook and the wrong sized wool....I actually didn't care and did it anyway regardless! The wool had been leftovers of from what I'd been given a while back (not really enough to do anything with but enough to learn) and the crochet hook which is probably too small for the wool but meh! Remember you promised you wouldn't laugh!!

This was my very first go with some tiny wool I found that I thought would work with my tiny hook..didn't really work out, but I had no idea how to hold the wool between my fingers and crochet at the same time...this involved a lot of yelling and the computer screen...

This is what I got my first 'Real' try.... I thought it must be wrong because of the way I was holding the hook it wasn't flowing (see above photo haha) but then I discovered the little downward twist you do as you go through the loops and voila the wool stopped falling off! I stopped because I got frustrated and started again. This is learning to make the chain at this stage! I swapped to a different wool...without my glasses which are currently misplaced it was too fiddly.

The second (ahem) time round was a lot easier and worked perfectly!

I had got the hang of the chain crochet and managed to do the single stitch crochet right where it was meant to go! I only missed one or two along the way :) I'm not making anything in particular at this stage, just practising!  
My next step is to learn half double, double and triple crochet and then move on to learning how to crochet a circle! I will continue to post my progress, no matter how bad or uneven they are!

I'd better stop procrastinating with learning to crochet!! There's housework to be done!

(Looking back at this post, I feel so ashamed that I called crochet procrastination!!!!!! I should wash out my mouth with soap for that!)

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