Thursday, 23 February 2012

20 Nifty Things to Make With Scrapbook Paper - Paper Fairy Dolls

Welcome to Project Number Two in my '20 Nifty Things to Make With Scrapbook Paper' challenge, these gorgeous Paper Fairy Dolls! My hubby actually gave me the idea last night when I asked him if there was anything he thought I could do for this project so big thanks to my hubby for this one :) I tossed the idea around for an hour or two debating whether or not it would be too hard for me to put together but I decided to give it my best shot and it has turned out so well! It has been a very time consuming process, (drawing each step, going through the Photoshop stages, writing up the how-to etc) but I think it has been worth it!

At first I was only going to make the tutorial and printable for one doll but what fun is one fairy? So of course there had to be two! I can see so many uses for these little darlings! The first of course being to use up some of your scrapbook paper stash in a cute and unique way but you could do so much with them! Glue some fridge magnets on the back for some pretty fridge decorating, your child could dress up the fairies and make them into a poster for their room, stick them to cards, or just have fun playing with them! I have designed them so, when printed onto white card, your child can colour their hair, eyes, skin shoes etc however they like! I would have liked for the dresses to be mix and matchable but it was a bit beyond me at this stage; I really hope you enjoy this one!!! The first part is for mum or dad to do (the cutting out and tracing part depending on the age of your little one) but the colouring in and dressing up is completely up to the kids! (or the adults if you really want to!)

'Annie-May and Lucy Fairy Paper Dolls'
*For Personal/Home Use Only*

Things You Will Need:

-A4 print outs of the pages below (they are scaled so you can print them on A4 or A3, they will still match up either way). For printing: Print the two fairy dolls directly onto the cardboard (instead of tracing) so all the detail is kept, for the dresses, wings and wands just print the templates and cut them out. Those we will be tracing onto the back of your chosing papers later. Click on each of the pages to enlarge them, right click to save to your computer and print!
-Glue stick
-Scrapbook many sheets and what colours etc is up to you! Use a plain colour scrapbook page (white would be best) for the doll itself then played around with colours and patterns for the dresses, wings and accessories.


-Coloured pencils/crayons/textas for colouring your dolls
-Glitter or other embellishments for some extra bling!


Just follow the istructions given! I hope it is easy to follow, but if you have any questions, don't hesistate to ask me! :)

*Quick Note: You glue the wings TO THE BACK of the doll after you've coloured them in and dressed them :)


Enjoy!! And stay tuned for the third scrapbook paper craft project! Xx


Thanks a bunch of bananas for the comments lovelies! I sure do appreciate it you spunky thing you :o)