Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Whoopee for $5 balls! ...Of yarn ;o)

Sigh of relief that I was able to skip down Spotlight's yarn aisle on the weekend in 3....2.....1


I may have gone a little over board in the buying of pretty yarn department which is kinda ironic considering last post was about using up scraps in a blanket to make room BUT you get that ;o) Awwww c'mon, it was Spotlight!!!! I had a voucher!!! What else was I gonna buy?! I really wish there was a Spotlight here in Armidale *sigh* although maybe it's a good thing there isn't, or I'd be even more broke than usual.
Anyhoo today I used a super dooper huge ball of white pure wool (on sale for $5!) to make a newborn sized crochet jacket for Baby Shmoogle Bean which will hopefully soon have a little pair of booties and a bonnet to match...and I started knitting myself a scarf out of some SERIOUSLY gorgeous European yarn. You don't even want to know how many scarves I've started these past few weeks haha I may even finish one for winter in a month or two yet, you never know!

Definately keep an eye out for more crochet (and maybe even sewn) baby things in the coming weeks! I am loving it :o)

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