Thursday, 4 April 2013


I found some funky variegated yarn at Big W today and decided that our future spawn needs funky jackets :o)
I also found yummy spinach and cheese pasta and five vegie sauce at Woolies as well as Pringles (which I NEEDED at the time) some chocolate milk and a few tubs of mango fruche that I now can't have because the heartburn-from-hell hath returned! *sad face* I'm hoping this means bub will have a full head of hair... that's the deal right?

Re-watching my way through seasons 1 and 2 of Game of Thrones, crochet and the prospect of eating tasty food sometime tonight isn't so bad :o)


  1. You will soon have too many projects for the little bean! lol. Season 3 of GoT just started here in the States. I missed the first episode. I can hardly wait for a break to catch up. Love the jacket!

    1. No such things as too many crochet projects :p ok well my husband may disagree but in my opinion there's no such thing lol SO jealous you guys get GoT before us! I am dying to see the first episode of season 3!

    2. Oh, I completely agree about never having too many projects. My WIP's bags are functional as well as decorative ;) lol. I won't mention GoT again so as not to rub it in. Heeheehee


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