Monday, 29 April 2013

Crochet Potholders ~ a new little addiction!

My lovely new little splash of colour for the kitchen!
I kept seeing these on Pinterest and thinking how pretty they were, crochet potholders! Some of the designs around the place are just stunning and it's probably safe to say I'm a little hooked on them at the moment. I found this one in particular and just knew I had to try it out first... I came across the free pattern at Hopscotch Lane and the flower one really caught my eye. You can find the free pattern for this little beauty on Ravelry and if you have a bit of a google around you'll see some of the amazing colour combos other's have come up with for them. My little kitchen is in DESPERATE need of come colour..I think a few crochet potholders in different designs and colours hung on the wall would be perfect.

View of the back
That's one little corner of my house made a little brighter with crochet :o)

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