Monday, 15 April 2013

Itty Bitty Crocodile Stitch Booties FTW!

When I first found this pattern I thought the crocodile stitch was the hardest crochet stitch in the universe (not blowing it out of proportion or anything of course)... much cursing went on whilst I tried to get my already ache-y brain around it (because when you've had morning sickness and a throbbing headache all day the next obvious step is to try and crochet something DUH) You can probably imagine how uber stupid I felt once it clicked and turned out to be easy peasy WHOOPS! Anyhoo now I've got the hang of it and all is well.... behold my booties! Down right adorable :o) I have to say, of all the bootie patterns I've tried in the past these are the easiest to work up, and easier still once you get the hang of the scales around the top. The V-stitch is fast and simple and this pattern can easily be adjusted to fit any sized foot big or small!
The pattern calls for a 4mm hook but as I was working with baby ply yarn I used a 4.5mm and they should fit 0-3 months. You can find the fabulously free pattern at Lolly's Crafty Crochet and if you search for these on Ravelry you can download the PDF too :o) These will be keeping tiny tootsies warm and toasty come September!

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  1. My favourite booty to crochet is one from Cleckheaton that doesn't require sewing but I might have to give these a go.

  2. Those are sooooooo very cute! I wish I had a sweet little grand baby to make them for!


  3. Hi! It's Laura from Lolly's Crafty Crochet! Just found your post on my blog - haven't been terribly attentive recently as I gave birth to my own beautiful baby girl in early March 2013 - they're wonderful! I'm so pleased that you liked the pattern! :)

    1. Oh congratulations!!! :)
      I really can't thank you enough for the great tutorial, I am completely in love with this pattern and have made quite a few pairs!


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