Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Completed Rainbow 'Skittles' Blanket

Look what's finally finished!! My largest ever crochet project and first ever completed blanket.. it isn't actually for me, I wish I could keep it it's so darn pretty! I know the little girl it's meant for will love it. It's nearly the size of our queen bed (it's meant for a single bed) and each band of colour took an hour to crochet; I also learnt to crochet the alphabet for it so pretty darn proud of myself at the moment! The alphabet pattern was not the easiest thing to follow but I got there eventually. I was asked to make this for a friend a long time ago (nearly 4 months!) but I was too sick for the first couple of months with (all day) morning sickness and it threw a huge unpleasant spanner in the works when it came to working on this order. Thankfully (and I am extremely grateful to you for this!) I have very patient friends, and I am finally pleased to announce it is done :o)

This project is linked up to Hookin' On A Hump Day!



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    1. Thankyou!! That's exactly what I wanted it to be :D

  2. I would have never thought to put letters on there like that...I'm going to have to steal this idea :). LOVE it! Pinned to my crochet board, and found you on Hookin on Hump Day.

    1. Steal away! :) My friend wanted her daughter's name to be in rainbow colours and I really wanted them to 'pop' against the background! Thankyou for visiting on this happy Hookin' hump day! Every day should be a happy hookin' one ;)

  3. It turned out very nice! So colorful and unique!

  4. Gorgeous blanket! I love all the colors!!!!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party


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